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I'm Audra Slinkey.

I teach people who live, breath and love design how to create an amazing and successful business doing what they love!  If you love design, staging, color or curated e-design, then I have a course for you that will take that passion and help you make money doing it.

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They Say


I cannot begin to say just how much I have learned or enjoyed Audra's HSR course. I have been blown away by the amount of information that was provided. Finishing the course has left me excited to start my business with confidence...because I feel I now have so much knowledge and will be able to not only speak intelligently on all things home staging related, but will be able to effectively price my services as well. There is no doubt I'll be referring back to so many items, forms and lessons as they are priceless to starting this business. Thank you Audra from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and for being so motivating!


I had always wanted to branch out and do a home staging service. When we had to shelter in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided I would use that time to grind out the training and start my business after years of just dreaming about it. The training was definitely worth the cost. Not only did Audra go over all thing staging, she helped me build my business from nothing. The training was easy to follow and kept me engaged with the fun before and after photos and numerous design videos. This certification can be compared to buying into a franchise without all the rules. She gives you all the material you need but encourages you to use it in your own way. I can't recommend this training enough.


The HSR training has been an amazing and transformative experience for me. I began the training in the early days of Covid-19 quarantine with the idea of chasing my dream of transitioning to home staging and redesign when I retire from teaching down the road. The first week was intense and overwhelming but Audra's voice kept ringing in my ear.....keep the momentum going! It was a struggle at times because I was still teaching remotely. The things that kept me going were my students and the HSR training. The training kept me inspired, positive, and quite frankly, sane while quarantining at home. My dream has now turned into a reality as I take my certification test and do my first half day staging on the same day! Best timing ever! Thank you, Audra, for giving me the information, tools, direction, and hope for my new second career as a home stager and re-designer in my new business, Sonata Home Design.

Missy Noonan Sonata Home Design