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How to Make 2024

The Year You Succeed at Home Staging & Design!

(Wednesday, Jan 17th 4pm happy hour time;)🍷)

Can we get focused and automated for a... 

Successful and Amazing 2024?

In this information filled work shop, we are going to plan for an awesome year, set achievable goals, create realistic goal calendars and break down barriers for a successful 2024 for staging and design...

  • Goal setting and strategic planning for stagers/designers and those considering the industry (key steps for success)
  • Key Systems to Implement that Will Save You Oodles of Time, Make You Look Great and Get You Clients
  • Create a "Stager and Designer's Marketing Calendar" that works while you sleep:-)
  • How to Make 2024 a Great Year for You and Your Business OR How to Make 2024 the Year You Create Your Dream Business!

Your Host:

Audra Slinkey

Creator of the Home Staging

Webinar Date:



4:00 PM

Pacific/ 7pm Eastern

If that time does not work for you sign-up to get the exact replay with chat room mayhem delivered right after via email;-)

Hey There!  I'm Audra Slinkey...

I'm an expert at teaching people who love and have a passion for design, how to create a successful business.

I'm the most successful staging trainer in the industry having taught the most award-winning home stagers and designers worldwide for the last 15+ years.  My passion is empowering your success and you won't believe where this incredible industry will take you!

Spots on the live workshop are limited and Audra only does this work shop once a year! 

Goal Setting for Designers and Stagers Workshop-HSR Audra Slinkey (5)

I have worked in a corporate environment for many years, but the Home Staging and Redesign Certification Course was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. The training is comprehensive with a practical orientation. It is completely based on the experience and research of Audra and other stagers. They provide insights, examples and tools that were extremely helpful to develop staging and design skills and build confidence. I never expected to get so much out of an online training course!

Kim Regenhard

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