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How to Package, Price, Shop and Start a  Successful Staging & Design Business

 Have you been struggling with packaging, pricing or shopping for your staging business?  You're not alone...  

I've been seeing a lot of Facebook chatter on stager pricing and have been a bit frustrated with the lack of consistency and transparency in the industry.    

I've got a super simple, location specific, vacant pricing formula you're going to love, love, love!  

✔️Quote any job in 2-minutes

✔️Easily market for repeat business

✔️Starting a business doing What You Love and Are Passionate About While Shopping Trade

Your Host:

Audra Slinkey


Webinar Date:



4:00 PM

Pacific/ 7pm Eastern

What you’ll discover on this free workshop:

  • How to Get Started in Staging and Pricing
  • How to Price and What to Deliver for Your Consultations
  • How to Plan and Deliver a Vacant Staging Service that ROCKS
  • How to Buy Wholesale and Photos of What Deals You Can Find...YUM
  • Mistakes Most Stagers and Designers Make With Pricing
  • How to Market Confidently

Seats are limited! 

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