Would You Like to Turn Your Natural Design Talent into a Lucrative Home Staging Career...Really Fast?

  • Learn the 3 Critical Factors to a Stager's Success
  • Find Out How Much Stager's Typically Make
  • What are the Costs to Starting a Staging Business

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How this quick video course will help you decide if Home Staging is a career is for you:

Do You Have an "Eye for Design"?

3 critical factors to your success and some helpful tips and before-and-after photos to set you on the right path to being a stager.

Can You Be An Entrepreneur?

5 essential questions to ask yourself in the beginning before you become a stager.

Do You Understand the Costs?

The free video course will go over your start-up costs and typical expenses when starting a staging and redesign business.


Check what our clients say about us

I can not say enough good things about this training. I can't even imagine how many hours Audra has put into this EXCELLENT training. Definitely worth the price! I would have NEVER had the confidence before to make my dream come true. Now I can honestly say I do and more than I ever thought I could. Thanks Audra for this AWESOME training and the confidence to be able to follow my dream.

Andrea McAtee

Mcatee staging and design

As I complete this course I realized I have a gift I need to share with the world. I am profoundly grateful for the thorough education I have received through this super professional course! I feel the tools I have received will prove invaluable in the months to come as I reach for my goal I also plan to continue more educational courses! Thank you so much Audra

Leslie Rudd

stager and designer

This training is incredibly comprehensive. She covers just about every situation you can think of and I've been able to really hone on my ideal clientele. Though I already had a working organizing business, I WISH I had had help like this when I got started!

Meredith Brister

sorted and styled

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