Top 10 Tips for Picking a Home Staging Certification Online Training

Are you struggling finding the right home staging certification online training company to start your new business?

I get it, there's a lot of choices out there, and it is really hard to navigate and choose which one will suit you and your business best.

This is why I actually created this short little video, which is my top ten tips for picking the right staging training provider for your business.

So are you ready?

Top 10 Tips for Picking a Home Staging Certification Online Training Company:-)

hot tip 1

Tip # 1 - Watch the Way They Train and Make Sure You Like Their Training Style

Every staging training company should have some sort of free training, class, webinar workshop that you can sign up for so that you can watch and see if
their training style really fits with you.  For instance, my training style is not
just you watching me on this video like right now.

I use usually a hundred different PowerPoint slides while I'm
 talking and you can see me on video and the slides.  Now, that may not be
your style and I get it.  That means you may not be my person, but you don't know that until you actually watch them train.

So make sure you go onto their website and you sign up for the next class. Speaking of next FREE class. Up top, in the menu, or believe in the image make sure you sign up for my next free event.  That way you can see if
I'm a fit for you as well.:)

hot tip 2

Tip # 2 - Do Your Research

Always know exactly what you're going to receive BEFORE you invest a dime!  You should be able to get a "sneak peek" video into the training area so you know EXACTLY what you're going to get when you invest.  It is a lot of money investing in staging training and I've seen way too many times somebody thinks they're going to get all sorts of resources and they're left with...not a lot.  Don't let that be you!

Make sure you go to the staging training's course page or our home staging certification course page and read through all the goodies that you get in the training and actively compare.  Make sure that you're learning all about not just design and staging, but real estate knowledge, photography, model home design, holiday design, how to do occupied consultation's, how to do vacant consultations...
Boy, there's a lot to know in this industry, so make sure you understand
exactly what you're getting.

If they don't show you what's in their members area in a video to kind of quickly
show you what the syllabus looks like, I wouldn't invest.

Get a Sneak Peek Inside Our Home Staging Certification Online Training 

Click the play arrow to watch a short video of what's inside the Members Training Area.

hot tip 3

Tip # 3 - Get Trained in BOTH Staging AND Design

Tip number three, a lot of people don't think about but trust me, this one is critical!  Always choose a trainer that teaches you both staging and design.

I have seen A LOT of my members who originally wanted to get into staging,  realize that design is more of their thing.  My members are SOOO happy they took the time to learn and get certified in both!

Staging is the perfect springboard to design work, so I always tell struggling designers to start with staging.  If you're taught the right business model for both, you will do awesome

Make sure you invest in a training that shows you both business models.  That way they will combine beautifully for success in your business.
You want to know and learn both and that's why our certification logo  and training has always included both:

hot tip 4

Tip # 4 - Reputation Matters for Choosing a Home Staging Certification Course!

Just because someone calls themselves the "world's best staging training"
doesn't necessarily mean they are.:)

So here's the deal. Make sure you can to a directory of their members directly and ask them about the training.  A lot of staging training companies do not have a directory and that is a RED FLAG.

Feel free to call any one of my members from the directory above and ask them
about my training courses.  But here's a little hint... don't call anyone in your direct area because they may not want to encourage local competition. πŸ˜‰

Don't invest in a staging training unless you actually get to talk to a couple of their people.  I have seen a lot of fake testimonials on people's websites where they'll list a photo of a person with their name, but no business name... that's another RED FLAG.

hot tip 5

Tip # 5 - Go With Online Training, So You Can Refer Back To It

Make sure you invest in a company that you can always refer back to because
this is a common mistake I've seen people do, too.  They think that classroom
learning style fits for them.  I get it.  We are traditionally used to going
to class.

BUT you actually don't need to have classroom training in this industry because you really will want to be able to go "back to the online class" when the time comes...

For instance, I have a lot of members who go through my training and then two months later they get their first consultation.  If they took a classroom style training, they would be frantically scrambling through their notes  Luckily they didn't and they can jump right into my online training, watch that consultation video and get a shot in the arm of encouragement and confidence.

They're ready to roar and confident going into that consultation because they feel knowledgeable having brushed over that material again.  That is why you will want to be able to refer back to it and why online training is
essential in this industry...There's so much to know.

hot tip 6

Tip # 6 - Do They Provide Forms, Canva Templates, Contracts?

Make sure you choose an online home staging certification company that gives you all the forms, the walkthrough guides, the contracts, the price sheets, the process, the sales sheets and Canva imagery for all of those services that you're
going to want to offer.

Why would you want to reinvent all of those things after spending $1000 on a training company!? And also why wouldn't they give that to you?!

Here's another hint...make sure they give all those resources to you in a format that you can use like Word so that you can customize it. You want to be true to your brand, not the trainers brand.

That's I provide over 100 different forms and resources for easy download, customize and print/send. I have been accused by other trainers of providing too much...But you know what?  You'll be glad you have that resource!

hot tip 7

Tip # 7 - Do They Care and Advocate for the Industry

This hot tip is a biggie....Never choose a staging trainer that does not advocate for you and this industry!  
 The Real Estate Staging Association. RESA is the third party association for our industry, so make sure you choose a trainer that is accredited by RESA, meaning they've been completely audited and vetted by a legitimate, third party  accreditation company which only RESA is for the staging industry.

Also make sure you pick a trainer that advocates for you.  What does that mean?  Make sure they are sharing your success stories, advocating through the National Association of Realtors, have a directory for agents to search and promoting your business.

If all they're doing is selling, training, training, training, then they're not necessarily looking out for your best interests.

I actively blog for my company and for the National Association of Realtors promoting my directory of members.  I actively speak and support RESA and I actively share success stories and member photos in my social channels....Check them out:

hot tip 8

Tip # 8 - Don't Choose a Trainer that Trains Agents at Half Cost

What is your biggest competition as a home stager?  Usually the real estate agent that thinks, "I don't need a stager, I'm just going to learn this thing
called "staging" and do it myself to save money."

Well, there's a lot of home staging certification online companies that have the product just for those agents, so why would you want to invest in a training that is creating your biggest competition and undercutting the industry as a whole?!!!

I personally believe that being an awesome professional home stager is a full time job and being an amazing, successful realtor is another full time job.  Staging is an art form and I have been advocating and growing this separate industry for over 15 years.   I do not have a product for realtors because I don't want to undercut the industry I care so much about and have helped create.

 I would not be looking out for the best interests of my students.  

Choose a staging training company that's not training your competition, it's kind of sending a greedy, mixed message. Choose one that really is just all about you.

Speaking of all about you...

hot tip 9

Tip # 9 - Choose a Trainer that is 100% Dedicated to You and Your Business (not just their own)

I also recommend you pick a home staging certification online training provider that actually is 100% available for you and isn't also trying to run a staging company.   I know I've been criticized for not having a staging company currently but when I started over 15 years ago I had a staging company.  I found that I could not successfully support my members AND run a staging company, so I know how important it is to focus on one.

I think it's far more important to have my finger on the pulse of hundreds of successful stagers out there from all over the world!  Rather than take my own advice from my little, local staging company, I'm taking it from the hundreds of stagers out there I talked to every day who are telling me what's working today for their business!

And that's what I'm 100 percent available to share with you.

There's just not enough hours in the day for me to run a staging company
and a training company.  Otherwise, guess what I'd be doing...
outsourcing the support for my training to assistants and you wouldn't
hear directly from me.

I want you to know that I'm available for you as your staging trainer.  I'm not out with a client all day long with my training business....Speaking of being available...

hot tip 10

Tip # 10 - Total Support (phone, email & chat) AND PRIVATE Active Community to Bounce Ideas Off Of

You will need a lot of guidance and support in this industry, so always choose a staging training company that has a:

  • PRIVATE community that supports you
  • A phone number you can call for support
  • A chat line for immediate support
  • A trainer that you can email directly for answers

    So in my training, I have a private Facebook group, not a public one.  A public one is for the staging trainers that are just trying to sell their training and is NOT a safe, encouraging space for members.

    My private Facebook Group is a free part of my training and a safe place for you to work with other stagers, bounce off ideas, get great ideas, support and encouragement for your business along the way.

    I learn something in my private Facebook group almost every day!

    So make sure you choose a training company that has all of those areas
    that can support you.  That way your questions are answered when
    you need it at the right time.
one more hot tip

Tip # 11 - You Will LOVE This Industry...So Jump On In!

I was never going to stop at ten because I never do that....I always give more.

No matter who you choose, you're going to love this industry.  It is filled with the best, the brightest, the most generous, the most wonderful people who I am so
privileged and proud to work with!

I hope you choose me, but I understand that I'm not always for everyone. That's why I give you these tips so that you can have these things in the back of your mind as you choose before you invest.

But no matter who you invest in, you are going to love this industry.

So I welcome you to it.

You will absolutely love it.

And I also welcome you to give us a call,
email us, email me directly if you have any other questions about picking
the right staging training for your business, email me at audra at homestagingresource.com.

I'm here for you.

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