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The Airbnb design industry is exploding and there is a huge need for you to be a part of it!

With over 20 years in the business, the first online certification training EVER, the first training to be RESA Accredited, A+ BBB rated and over 10, 000 HAPPY professional home staging and redesign members (and growing), we have set the bar for training excellence and have the highest success rate of any training!

I take great pride and joy in working with each member throughout the training process to accomplish their business goals.  As you will see from the many testimonials below, we have a lot of fun, LOVE THIS INDUSTRY and so will you!  Hope to see you come aboard!

Audra Slinkey

Vacation Rental Design Expert Testimonials...

Another training that knocked it out of the park! As usual, Audra, you do not disappoint. I launched my business immediately after taking your Staging/Redesign Course and put things into practice immediately. After downloading the various contracts, promotional marketing materials, and call scripts, I customized them for my business and deployed them. Once I felt comfortable with the practical application, my goal was to continue building upon the strong foundation you provided. In the last year, I've successfully completed all of your courses, including the purchase of the TrulyBranded Website and Social Media packages. It's been one year since launch and my self-confidence has exploded! I am now a licensed NC Real Estate Broker, as well, and with your encouragement, signed up for RESA. I obtained my RESA-Approved Instructor certification last month and will be teaching staging/design tips for my Keller Williams Great Smokies office here in Western North Carolina. You have equipped me with the knowledge, confidence and SKILL to present the joys of staging/redesign/vacation design/color consults/and E-Design to my clients and colleagues in real estate. You have given me the best gift for which a girl could ask - independence and happiness! I love you to the moon and back, Audra. Seriously talented, inspirational and supportive!!

Eve Barrett | 

I have taken other HSR courses in the past (Staging & Redesign, Certified Color Expert, Certified Expert E-Designer), and I immediately signed up for the vacation rental training when it was offered. It packed in so much information, including eye-opening statistics on the increasing popularity of vacation rentals, how to research for proper pricing, information on what vacationers want in a rental, understanding the problems that property owners and managers are looking to solve, and how to promote my specialty training with ready-to-use emails and Canva marketing materials. Vacation rentals are everywhere in my state, and now I feel very prepared to tap into that market!

Debra Garvin | 

Just finished your Short-Term Rental Design Expert course, and I am beyond impressed! So much content and great marketing material. The Canva templates are awesome and I will definitely be using them.  I have done several training courses in the process of becoming a home stager and this course exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Worth every penny and so professionally presented. I will need to go through some of the modules again, as there was so much information. So happy to be part of the HSR community.

Deborah Matear | 

Thank you Audra! The Vacation Rental Design Expert course far exceeded my expectations! Truly, I’m blown away by all the knowledge, insight and tools that you’ve shared! I am so grateful I took this course. It’s going to move my business into a whole new direction. The course was absolutely invaluable and I am beyond excited to get started on adding this service to my business. In fact, I do believe that vacation rental design is going to be my primary focus moving forward! Forever grateful to have found you!

Jennifer Baron | 

I just finished the Vacation Rental Design Expert training and I'm so excited. I followed your directions and joined an investor group for my area. I'll be joining them to discuss how to decorate your STR for profitability! Can't wait. Thanks for all the downloads and Canva templates. As usual, your training is so transparent that it makes my job easier. Thanks again!!

Sharon Carey | 

Audra, I finished your new Airbnb vacation rental design course. Thank you so much for this course! This was the third course purchased from you. There is much information to process. I am going through it course for a second time so I can absorb the information and extract your handouts and Canva templates you provide as lead-funnels to incorporate into my website. 

I have been in Residential Real Estate for over 20 years, incorporating staging with my projects. The last 5 years working with an investor on flip properties. I have learned to provide an aspirational experience for buyers of properties online and in person. The Airbnb was on my radar but I was unsure how to break into this sector of the business. My goal is to focus my business more on design. I can parlay my design and project management skills into this new venture. I think the courses complement one another very well. Thank you again.

Kim Jones | 

Audra, You are a great teacher in this industry. I completed the Color Consult training a few years ago and learned so much. When I saw you were offering a training in STR Design I new I had to sign up for it. This training has taught me so much about the industry of STR and has provided helpful tips and plenty of resources on how to better market to them (which I have been struggling with). Thank you so much Audra, for sharing your knowledge with us. I'm excited to get to work!

L'ren Keys | 

Awesome training and the perfect roadmap for new designers!

Deanna Gerald | 

Become a Vacation Rental Design Expert & Grow Your Design Business... FAST!

Audra’s Vacation Rental course is jam packed with good content! I recently took an AirBNB design course from a different reputable staging company, while it was good, after I completed it I felt like I still had so many questions about how to actually get this thing up and running for my business. Then I saw an ad for Audra’s course and knew I needed to take it. I wish I had seen hers first! Audra’s course had everything the other did and MORE! She provided so much valuable information on the STR market and how to help investors. The couple lessons on E-Design were amazing! She also provides so many awesome templates and website copy that I plan to use to jump start my design business. Really, I am so impressed, and so pleased with my investment in this course, I know it will be worth every penny spent! I can’t wait to watch my business take off!!

JoAnna Liston | 

I’m trying to wrap my head around all of your amazing ideas and bonuses! I have finished (but need to go over again 4-sure!) the VRBO class and am in the middle of your E -design training. 

“Taking both your Vacation Rental Design Expert & Expert E. Designer is giving me all the tools necessary to succeed in both areas of these branches of design.

 I have been a professional designer for over 25 years and had no knowledge of all these incredible resources that you have unlocked for me. I cannot wait to dive into these exciting new venues. You truly are amazing”!

Kathryn Adams | 

I have taken every one of Audra's training programs. When she launched her Vacation Rental Design Expert training, I attended the free webinar to see if "I needed it", having already took another training course a few years ago from someone else. That training doesn't even come close to the insights and resources Audra provides in her training. I learned about short-term rental terms so that I can converse with investors and hosts from an educated perspective, their perspective. I learned about design, pricing, and marketing. She also provided countless resources and ideas. If I'm not successful in the Short-term Rental Design business, it isn't because her training fell short, it is because I didn't implement her training. I highly recommend Audra's Vacation Rental Design Expert Training to anyone who wants to break into this market.

Kelly DeTommaso | 

I would highly recommend the HSR Vacation Rental Design course! Excellent training to help you start a vacation rental design business. The course goes step by step with lots of valuable information and templates to get you started.  Thank you, Audra!

Trina McPhee | 

I really enjoyed and learned from the Vacation Rental Design Course. It made me realize what I have done incorrectly that created more work for myself I have a binder with all the printable resources and have reviewed areas again and I'm sure I will again. Thank you so much for putting this all together.

Catherine James | 

what's Inside

Start Growing Your Design Business by Specializing in Vacation Rental Design

The comprehensive Vacation Rental Design Experts course is the perfect solution for stagers and interior designers looking to specialize in vacation rental design. Our expert-led training covers all aspects of designing for the vacation rental market, from space planning to furniture selection to vision boards and wholesale shopping.  

Our easy-to-follow modules provide you with everything you need to create unforgettable vacation rental spaces that keep guests coming back year after year. With our guidance, you'll also learn how to effectively structure, price and market your services, giving you the tools you need to succeed in this lucrative and growing industry.

My journey with HSR has been amazing. I have taken all of your courses and I have your Truly Branded website and Truly Brand Social. The icing on the cake though is your Vacation Rental Design Expert Program. I wanted a niche for my new design business and the course has all the tools I need to catapult my new design business in vacation rentals. Prior to taking your Staging and Redesign course I was burnt out and frustrated with being in health care for 25 years. I am know excited to get up everyday to start new projects. I’ll be focusing my marketing efforts and vacation design refreshes at the beach in the Outer Banks off season. I have a couple AirBnBs designs completed. My most recent project I designed and installed in 2 weeks. So with  my own STR/MTR property management company, Sunny Side Stays, LLC can incorporate adding the vacation rental design as an extra specialized service.
Thank you Audra for all your awesome courses! You truly have helped me feel refreshed and excited to help others with their homes and vacation homes giving me the necessary break from healthcare.
Serena Kerr | 

I think your training is fabulous! You cover a lot of practical detail and make it very enjoyable to learn. The amount of templates you have created to give us a jump start is above and beyond and truly the key to helping us make a success of this new offering. While I have been a Stager and designer since 2006, and have designed a few STRs along the way, I still learned a great deal! There is something for everyone at all levels. This is a new focus for me, and there's a lot to learn if you want to do it right and provide maximum value to clients. The information, processes, templates and the ability to network with others in this specialty are going to provide enormous value to my business. I'm so glad I signed up. Thank you for putting this training together for us!

Victoria Guillott | 

I have completed all of your trainings and always blown away by the amount of information and knowledge you share. I have been sitting in fear however, I am now ready. I was struck by a quote in one of the video slides "Proceed as if success is inevitable". How can I not go forward?  Thank you, Audra. Your gift in helping others to be set up for success is priceless and I am excited for my journey.


Heather Wincek | 

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Theresa Ceglio - Vacation Rental Design Testimonial

Thank you for this training...it was AWESOME and so helpful!  I learned so much that I didn’t even know I didn’t know, like so many of the STR terms.  

Loved all the apps and stats with all the additional links. Extremely helpful when doing the necessary research that will help me stand out in my area and up-level my business, especially with those luxury clients that I’m targeting.

I would walk away from my luxury staging business, which I love so much, to build a book of business of STR clients so thank you again for the value you always bring!

Theresa Ceglio

Kathryn Lackey- Vacation Rental Design Testimonial

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your new Airbnb vacation rental design course!!! This was the first of your courses that I purchased, and I wish I had gone to you directly for the staging and color course. Lessons learned.

I have been designing kitchens and baths for 18 years, and relocated my business to Nashville nearly 3 years ago... I am looking forward to adding a niche business to my staging element to coincide with my interest and memberships in local real estate clubs. This could be a start to a whole new career, and I'm up for the challenge.  Thank you so much for putting this course together. I look forward to keeping you posted on my progress as I launch this rocket :)

Kathryn Lackey - Heart of Home Designs

Jules Robberts-Henry Hosts

Having recently completed the Vacation Rental Design Course, I’ve found the information relating to this design niche, incredibly helpful. Some of the information was great for reaffirming and supporting what I thought I already knew but the marketing component, in particular, provided great insight. The ideas and suggestions about how to speak to and connect with your target market is incredibly valuable. The supporting materials, and in particular the customizable Canva templates, provide great information and save you an enormous amount of time! Audra and her team have done a fantastic job with these. Overall the course offered fantastic value for money for me!

Jules Robberts - Henry Hosts

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