Become a Vacation Rental Design Expert and Specialize in a Fast Growing, Lucrative Design Service

With our Airbnb design training, within a week you can have all the pricing, forms, contract and service on your site to offer to clients>>

Are You Wanting to Break Into the Airbnb Design Industry?

We get it and that's why our Airbnb design training provides a specific plan, process, pricing, packaging and signature marketing structure that we know works!

Are you a interior designer or home stager looking to expand your design services and attract more clients?

Airbnb and short term rentals have become increasingly popular in recent years, and as a result, there is a growing demand for well-designed, stand-out vacation rentals.  

You probably already know this and are wondering how you can specialize in Airbnb design and take part in this fast growing, highly lucrative market.

Our 3-Phase Airbnb design training course walks you through the exact steps you need to take to become a vacation rental design expert and easily add this specialized service to your business.

Inside our Vacation Rental Design Expert Certification, you will receive complete guidance, resources, forms, contracts, shopping guides/sources and most importantly a Signature Process for Pricing, Packaging and Marketing that provides you the perfect clients on a regular basis!

Vacation Rental Design Expert Certification Course

The Vacation Rental Design Expert certification is a unique Airbnb design training that helps home stagers, interior designers, and/or design lovers skyrocket their revenue by providing a clear process, packages, and service plan for success, so they can earn six to seven figures in this lucrative, high-growth market.

Within 3 Days You Can Easily Add this Lucrative Service !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up for the Airbnb Design Training:

Complete Guidance and Resources

You will walk away confident in your short term rental (STR) knowledge, specialized design expertise, where/ how to shop trade, pricing, packaging and marketing.

Copy and Paste Templates and Forms

You will be given all the forms, copy and paste website verbiage, sales and services sheets, contract and Canva Template Investment Guide to make you look great!

airbnb design investment guide gif
Join an Elite Group of Design Experts

Connect in our Private Vacation Rental Design Facebook Group and get total support from like-minded veterans, share your work and network on a specialized level.

Vacation Rental Designer Private Facebook Group
Certification Credibility and Expertise

Once you complete all 3 phases and nine modules of the training, you are awarded a certificate of completion that is highly recognized in the industry.

Airbnb Design Course Example of the Certificate
Jules Robberts-Henry Hosts

Having recently completed the Vacation Rental Design Course, I’ve found the information relating to this design niche, incredibly helpful. Some of the information was great for reaffirming and supporting what I thought I already knew but the marketing component, in particular, provided great insight. The ideas and suggestions about how to speak to and connect with your target market is incredibly valuable. The supporting materials, and in particular the customizable Canva templates, provide great information and save you an enormous amount of time!

Audra and her team have done a fantastic job...the course offered fantastic value for money for me!

Jules Robberts ‧ Designer - Henry Hosts

What's Inside

Three Phases and Nine Modules of Learning

Phase One - Becoming the Shorter Term Rental Expert


Module 1: Deep-Dive Understanding of the Short-Term Rental (STR) Market

Gain confidence and expertise in the short-term rental market, as well as understand how to "talk the talk".  In order to be an expert, you need the know-how, so take the time to understand the struggles and insider tips for this incredible industry.


Module 2: A Cut Above - Researching Your Market for Hidden Opportunity

Find hidden opportunities locally researching niches, performance reports and rentals near you.  Here's how you research your area, find potential target markets and understand the opportunities available to you.


Module 3: Developing an "Out-of-Box" Concierge Hospitality Mindset

Confidently create memorable and unique guest experiences in your designs without imposter syndrome.  This is truly vacation rental design with the guests in mind!

Phase Two - Becoming the Airbnb Design of Choice - A Cut Above


Module 4:  Ultimate Design Rules and Clickable Shopping Guides

Expert design planning guides, rules of design, floorplans, resources and shopping links to ideal vendors and high/low shopping.


Module 5: Next Level Income Growth Shopping “To the Trade”

Use my favorite and most efficient wholesale shopping resources to shop trade and make huge income on product while offering "best in class" quality furnishings your clients will love!


Module 6: Expand Your Market and Serve Remote Clients Using E-Design 

Expand your income serving the remote client and set better expectations passing your design vision to clients via concept boards.

Phase Three - A Signature System - Process, Packaged
and Marketed for Success

Structure your onboarding, success path, emails and walk-through for instant credibility to price on value and quality.  The extensive marketing section makes it easy for you to automate your marketing to your ideal client.


Module 7: Creating the Client Onboarding Success Path that SELLS 

Structure your onboarding, success path, email follow-up, contract, invoicing and walk-through for instant credibility to price on value and weed out the "red flag" clients.


Module 8: Premium Design Packages and Pricing Your Clients Will Love 

Signature vacation rental design packages and pricing that provide you a great income, sell on value and speak to your ideal client's needs and struggles.  Your client's will love the way you price!


Module 9: Marketing Your Vacation Rental Design Service Easily, Automatically and Exponentially 

Use our templates and Signature process to create an automated sales funnel attracting your ideal clients ready to invest while also putting your business in all the places they will be looking for you.


Download the Vacation Rental Design Expert Course Outline with Download List!


We Give You All the Resources to Make You Look Great!

become a Co-Host
Bonus Interview With Designer Co-Host

Eve Barrett shows how she took her brand new design business, broke into Airbnb design and is now managing several rentals in her area making 20-30% income!

Information Packed Training Teaches:

  • Design Services vs Co-Hosting 
  • Strategic Advantages You Can Offer to Clients
  • Achieving first page search result rankings
  • Automate your operations
  • Working with Cleaners, Handymen and More – A System for Success
  • Photography, Listing and Hosting Hot Tips
  • Channel Management and Favorite Tools
Automated Marketing
Market and Attract Prospects Easily

We make it easy for you to market your brand new vacation rental design service by offering you the FB Ad Canva Templates, the "Ultimate Airbnb Budget Planner Guide" and the copy and paste, 8 email follow-up sequence that makes you look like a rock star!

Vacation Rental Design Expert Airbnb Design Course Product (10)
wholesale shopping
Shop Trade and Best Sources

We walk you through exactly how to get the best deals on wholesale furnishings, shop wisely, mix in high/low cost furnishings and logistically have all your wholesale purchases shipped direct to the property, freight company or you.

There are better more efficient ways to shop these days now that technology has aggregated the best product for you to purchase as the designer of choice!

We even have Amazon prime links to our favorite, tried and true, designer-tested products that you can refer to client's and make affiliate income.  We show you how best to make money on product while saving the client and getting the best, more beautiful and functional furnishings for the space based on their budget level.

vacation rental design experts logo
vacation rental design expert

Become the Go-To Airbnb Designer in Your Area



  • 1 Year Membership and Access
  • Immediate Start and Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • All Forms, Contract and Canva Templates to Set-Up Quickly and Save You Months of Time!
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for Continued Support
  • Additional Resources Section for Continued Learning and Expertise
Deb Garvin-Vacation Rental Design Training Testimonial

I have taken other HSR courses in the past (Staging & Redesign, Certified Color Expert, Certified Expert E-Designer), and I immediately signed up for the vacation rental training when it was offered. It packed in so much information, including eye-opening statistics on the increasing popularity of vacation rentals, how to research for proper pricing, information on what vacationers want in a rental, understanding the problems that property owners and managers are looking to solve, and how to promote my specialty training with ready-to-use emails and Canva marketing materials. Vacation rentals are everywhere in my state, and now I feel very prepared to tap into that market!

Debra Garvin ‧ Designer

About The Course Teacher,
Audra Slinkey

In 2006 Audra Slinkey created the Home Staging Resource (HSR) having been a stager herself with her sister (who still runs a design business) in order to pioneer home staging.  Since 2006, Audra has trained over 20,000 happy clients who have taken their passion for design and created a staging and design business making money doing what they love!  

Many of her clients were making great money specializing in Airbnb Design after going through her mini-course (inside her staging training), so Audra expanded on that training and works closely with designers to pioneer the vacation rental design niche.  

Audra Slinkey- Vacation Rental Design Expert- HSR
Audra Slinkey- Vacation Rental Design Expert- HSR

Why This Airbnb Design Course Can Skyrocket Your Business

  • Take Part in a Fast Growing Vacation Rental Industry
  • Make More Money Diversifying Your Design Services
  • Business to Business Design Services Allows Clients with Multiple Projects
  • Within 3 Days You Will Become the Expert on the Short Term Rental (STR) Market in Your Area
  • Within 3 Days You Will Have A Signature Process, Packages and Pricing Your Client's Will Love!  
  • Within 3 Days You Will Have the Marketing In Place to Quickly Grow Your Airbnb Design Business!

Unheard of 72-Hour "No Questions Asked" Satisfaction Guarantee

Yep, even though we are an informational product that this kind of "no questions asked" guarantee is never seen... we are that confident that you will love the training!  If it's not a fit, simply email us within 72 hours of purchase and we will refund your money.

Kathryn Lackey- Vacation Rental Design Testimonial

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your new Airbnb vacation rental design course!!! 

This was the first of your courses that I purchased, and I wish I had gone to you directly for the staging and color course. Lessons learned.

I have been designing kitchens and baths for 18 years, and relocated my business to Nashville nearly 3 years ago... I am looking forward to adding a niche business to my staging element to coincide with my interest and memberships in local real estate clubs. This could be a start to a whole new career, and I'm up for the challenge.  Thank you so much for putting this course together. I look forward to keeping you posted on my progress as I launch this rocket :)

- Kathryn Lackey, Designer - Heart of Home Designs

Copy and Paste Forms and Canva Templates to Launch this Service FAST!

Vacation Rental Design Expert Airbnb Design Course Product (10)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audra's background and why did she create this Airbnb design course?

Watch this video to hear Audra's story:

How are you different than other Airbnb design training companies out there?

Our focus is to make you look great by providing you with the guidance, resources, forms and Canva templates so that you can easily add this service to your business.  Our Signature process, pricing and packaging model is unlike anything you will see and is designed to maximize your income while minimizing client concerns.  

Here's a taste of just one of our many Canva Templates inside the training

airbnb design investment guide gif

How long will it take me to go through the Vacation Rental Design Expert course?

On average, it takes someone 3-4 days to get through it all. The course is broken up into 3 Phases and 9-modules covering expertise, knowledge of STR industry, trade shopping, logistics, implementation, automation, pricing, packaging, and marketing.

Do I get a Certificate of Completion?

Absolutely!  At the end of the course, after you have watched all the videos and hit the "complete" buttons on each module, the system will send you the Vacation Rental Design Expert Certificate.  You also get the benefit of our logos and being a part of the largest group of Airbnb designers collectively!

Airbnb Design Course Example of the Certificate

I'm not in the United States, will this training and the boards be relevant to me?

Absolutely!  The principles, guides, forms and Canva Templates all work wonderfully for any area.  In fact, many of our members are across the globe. 

The only items that may not be transferable are the trade resources BUT many of those trade companies do ship internationally.  Many of our resources are through Amazon which is also international.

Do I have to be an Interior Designer, Decorator or Home Stager to take this course?

No.  In fact, you may decide to create a business specializing in Airbnb design (as many of our member's have).  If you love design, are gifted in design and are an Airbnb host who has successfully designed your own properties, this course is a great fit for you to market your talent to other Airbnb hosts.

Please do know that the course does not go over "how to start a design business". Our flagship Staging and Redesign Certification, 3-week course is the foundational course that goes over the details of starting a successful design and staging business, so many people have taken that course first.

Why do I need this course if I'm already a successful designer/stager?

I get it and the truth don't...if your time is NOT worth anything to you.

To add this lucrative design service on your own, you would spend months creating your contract, website verbiage, sales funnel, Investment Guide, pricing, packages and email follow-up to name a few items for this new service launch.

Vacation Rental Design Expert Airbnb Design Course Product (10)

Is this course 100% online?

Yes, because you will want to be able to refer back to the instructions, videos and guides.  The class is at your fingertips and you can hit the "rewind" or pause button to refer back to sections at any time as a member.  Your membership is for a year and you're able to renew your membership yearly for the continued resources we always add to our training.  Details for renewing any of Audra's courses are at this link -

what's Inside

Start Growing Your Design Business by Specializing in Vacation Rental Design

The comprehensive Vacation Rental Design Experts course is the perfect solution for stagers and interior designers looking to specialize in vacation rental design. Our expert-led training covers all aspects of designing for the vacation rental market, from space planning to furniture selection to vision boards and wholesale shopping.  

Our easy-to-follow modules provide you with everything you need to create unforgettable vacation rental spaces that keep guests coming back year after year. With our guidance, you'll also learn how to effectively structure, price and market your services, giving you the tools you need to succeed in this lucrative and growing industry.

vacation rental design experts logo
vacation rental design expert

Become the Go-To Airbnb Designer in Your Area



  • 1 Year Membership and Access
  • Immediate Start and Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • All Forms, Contract and Canva Templates to Set-Up Quickly and Save You Months of Time!
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for Continued Support
  • Additional Resources Section for Continued Learning and Expertise

Your personal note

We are in the "pioneering" stages of Airbnb design as specialists in this unique type of design that is very different than interior design and staging.  I'm so excited to see where we take this new niche and industry as we partner with vendors who serve the short term rental industry.  There's a ton of opportunity in this fast growing, lucrative industry so I hope you come aboard and join the elite designers and stagers who already have become Vacation Rental Design Experts in their area!

Audra Slinkey Signature Gif

Still Unsure if Airbnb Design is For You?  

Watch our FREE Mini-Course on How to Become an Airbnb Designer to find out more about this design niche!