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Audra Slinkey Award Winning Staging Trainer

The Home Staging Resource (HSR) was launched in July of 2006 by Audra Slinkey who is the creator and President of the HSR Training

Audra started the 21-Day, HSR Certification training after being a home stager with her sister, Corrine (who is still a home stager and designer).  Audra created the HSR stager certification training because there was no training at the time that taught the business side of home staging or gave home stagers the forms and tools for success.

In 2022 alone, Audra has been recognized for several awards by the Real Estate Staging Association.

Pioneering Online, Mixed-Media Stager Certification

Since most people back in 2006 had never even heard of the term "home staging" there was no Yellow Page category for it and the only way a home stager could market themselves credibly would be online.  Audra's background was Internet marketing and online training to Fortune 500 companies, so she knew A LOT about getting seen and appearing credible online! As an expert at staging, design, color and internet marketing, the combination serves HSR graduates well and is the reason why she has the highest success rate of students!   The majority of the RESA award winning stagers are HSR Grads.


Happy Customers




Websites Created

Some HSR and Audra Career Highlights


Launched the HSR Redesigner and Stager Certification Training

HSR_squareoriginal - logo


Audra Started the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners (ASHSR) 

Just prior to RESA being created Audra started this Association open to all.  When RESA was formed she turned ASHSR into a networking association for her HSR members.


Audra Served as the First Vice President of the Real Estate Staging Association for Two Years to Help Get it Started


Became the First RESA Accredited Stager Certification Training to Lead the Way in Accredited Staging Training


Audra Launched Stagers Connect as the First Private Network for Home Stagers


Won the 2013 RESA Most Innovative Award for Her Staging and Redesign Certification Program


Started Blogging for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Staged, Styled and Sold Blog

Audra started contributing to the NAR blog back in 2014 in order to educate agents on the need for a professional home stager.  She has been writing for NAR ever since and has not stopped pioneering the industry for home stagers!  Click here to see her NAR articles.


Created and Won the RESA Most Innovative Award for a Staging Mentor Program


Launched the Certified Color Expert Course (CCE)

Certified Color Expert | Home Staging Resource


Won RESA Most Innovative Award for CCE

stager certification HSR
Audra Slinkey Most Innovative Winner


Served as RESA Board Member for 2018 and 2019


Launched the Expert E-Designer Training

Expert E-Designer | Home Staging Resource


Launched TrulyBranded Social Done-for-You


Launched TrulyBranded Websites Done-for-You


Regular Contributor to Both NAR and Porch


Audra is Nominated for the Lori Kim Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by RESA


Won the Most Innovative Product of the Year Award for the Expert E-Design Course

Expert E-Designer 2022 Most Innovative Product or Service Of The Year


Launched the Vacation Rental Design Expert Certification Course

Vacation Rental Design Expert training logo - HSR (1)

Finalist Most Innovative Product of the Year

2023 RESA Most Innovative Award Vacation Rental Design Expert Course-kraken

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Hear Audra's Story...

Quick video on why Audra started HSR and a bit about her


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I can not say enough good things about this training. I can't even imagine how many hours Audra has put into this EXCELLENT training. Definitely worth the price! I would have NEVER had the confidence before to make my dream come true. Now I can honestly say I do and more than I ever thought I could. Thanks Audra for this AWESOME training and the confidence to be able to follow my dream.

Andrea McAtee

Mcatee staging and design

As I complete this course I realized I have a gift I need to share with the world. I am profoundly grateful for the thorough education I have received through this super professional course! I feel the tools I have received will prove invaluable in the months to come as I reach for my goal I also plan to continue more educational courses! Thank you so much Audra

Leslie Rudd

stager and designer

This training is incredibly comprehensive. She covers just about every situation you can think of and I've been able to really hone on my ideal clientele. Though I already had a working organizing business, I WISH I had had help like this when I got started!

Meredith Brister

sorted and styled

Hey There!

I teach people who love, love, love design how to create an amazing and successful business doing what they love!  If you love design, staging, color or curated e-design, I have got step-by-step, free, mini-courses that I think you will enjoy.