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See Inside Our Private Staging Training Community Called "Stagers Connect"

When you first enter into the staging industry it can be a bit lonely.  Why?  Because you are usually working from home while going through your certification staging training and building your business foundation...by yourself.  This is why I created a private, Facebook Group for people who join my HSR Certification course.  From the moment I created this safe and encouraging space...it exploded with activity! 

There are soo many different scenarios that pop up in our industry that no staging training can possibly cover and that is why we love this ever-changing industry.  

You never know what you're going to get when you enter into a home!  

That is probably the biggest frustration and greatest benefit of our industry.  Having a HUGE resource library that is searchable makes a stager and designer's job much easier and in the video below, I show you what I mean...

Sneak Peek Inside the Training Within the Staging Training:

Why Do You Need Community Support?  

For Staging Training Questions Like:

  • What would you do with this tricky space (insert photo)?
  • Where do you find and source the best (insert furnishing product)
  • How do you stage a home with this particular (insert crazy situation:)
  • Why do sellers not listen when I told them (insert a million pieces of advice we give daily)
Our biggest frustration is the unpredictability of the homes we transform (no cookie cutter products for us) but it's also our greatest joy and satisfaction...it never gets boring.  

Having a staging community to share ideas, get encouraged and inspired, as well as learn from is essential for any successful stager.  In fact, I'm in awe of my veteran stagers who take new stagers by the hand and are constantly and generously handing out advice!  Frankly, it's coaching advice that people would be paying a lot of money for but is just one of the many benefits of becoming an HSR Certified Stager and Redesigner.

Looking to Compare Trainings?

Here are 25 reasons we are your BEST choice...

Another HUGE benefit to this private group in side my staging training is that I have a "don't be a jerk" policy, so you feel safe to ask the question (even if it seems silly) or upload your portfolio work and not be afraid of any "haters".  Other staging groups on Facebook that are "open to all" are not always so kind...

Finally, my team gets to pull from the AMAZING photos in Stagers Connect to vote on the Best of the Best Awards that help to build credibility in our industry and that the National Association of Realtors Staging blog loves to feature!  I'm all about educating agents on using the need to use a professional stager for every listing.

Plus, who doesn't love looking at design and staging before-and-after photos...right?

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