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Key Trends in the Staging Design Industry

Key Trends in the Staging Design Industry - New Statistics

Are you curious about the state and future of the staging design industry?  Wonder if the economy concerns will affect the stagers and designers?  Thinking about getting into the staging design world but have concerns about timing?

Staging Design Industry Outlook report -Houzz

I have great news for you because in my trends workshop, I listed some significant business trends effecting the staging design industry and cited a critical report that has recently been released that surveyed over 2000 professionals in the build and design realm about their thoughts on the future of their staging design business.

See My Take in the Video and Stats Below

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I have a lot of theories on why designers, decorators, stagers and the whole build industry is optimistic while very few industries are... watch my video above to see my other statistics and opinion on the matter.;)

Overall Optimism in the Staging Design Industry

What did those professionals in the staging design and build industries think? Surprisingly, most all of them have a positive outlook for 2023! And in fact, over half predicted a good to great year, much better than even just a neutral year, which frankly really surprised me but also excites me.  

In this uncertain economy I was very surprised at the optimism BUT I have a few theories on why staging design professionals have great reasons to be optimistic.  Watch the full video above to see the trends that help our industry thrive and grow.

Positive Overall Outlook in the Staging Design and Decorating Fields

Here's what I absolutely loved about that report because guess who was the most optimistic? Yep, you guessed it...Interior designers and decorators which are also stagers.  The staging design fields were the top two groups that were the most confident about the outlook, revenue and demand in their services and business, increasing in 2023.

Staging Design Industry Outlook graph -Houzz

Optimistic Revenue Expectations in the Staging and Design Sector

Shockingly, in the same Houzz State of the Industry Report most every design, build, renovation firm expected more revenue this year than in previous years!

Notice the "Specialty" fields including decorators which are also stagers in this classification had the most reason to feel revenue increases?  I believe this is because when you find your niche in the staging design realm, there is tremendous opportunity and growth!  

In my 2023 Staging Design Trends Workshop I outlined high growth niches that I think will be HOT in the coming years... especially vacation rental design.  

Staging Design Industry Trends revenue-Houzz

Looking into the Staging Design Field?

Watch My Free Training Video On Becoming a Home Stager and Designer...

Audra Slinkey

Economy Expected to Worsen but Not the Staging, Design and Build Fields

Now, in case you're wondering if these were just strange people with rose colored glasses that didn't really look around them and see that stocks have gone down, things have slowed down, and the economy seems uncertain. Well, those same people, interior designers and decorators, pretty much all of these industries did believe that their local economy national economy would get worse.  Incredibly, they don't expect their jobs to get worse despite their lack of optimism in general.

Staging Design Industry Trends - Increased Demand

Why do they think demand will increase for their fields while most others will falter?  I list reasons in the video above but here are just a few:

  • Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to renovate and update their homes especially if they hope to sell in the future.
  • Home owners still have record equity in their home and understand that improvements only increase that equity typically
  • Home owners are overwhelmed with the massive amount of design choices at their disposal and need design direction and reinforcement
  • With the majority of purchasing going online rather than brick and mortar, there is legitimate consumer concern over making wrong furnishing and fixture decisions.
  • The growing trend of design "self-expression" and "saturated colors" means the non-design educated individual will make huge mistakes trying to "go it alone"

This is all great news for us as stagers and designers!

More Good News for the Staging Design Industries

Supply chains have loosened and while the industry still believes prices will go up, I disagree.  One thing we both agree on is that inventory will increase and be plentiful.  This is why I believe the increased supply in goods will actually lower the cost.

Staging Design Industry Trends product

While no one has a crystal ball, I think it's and exciting time to be in the staging and design industry with increased avenues for growth!  Clients need our gift of design and people learned from Covid that home needs to be comfortable, serene and an expression of their family.  

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Key Trends in the Staging Design Industry - New StatisticsAre you curious about the state and future of the staging design industry?

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