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become a home stager

So you want to become a home stager...

If you're looking to become a stager then you should know that there's A LOT to know in this industry from design to real estate.  While you may think you want a quick, cheap, certification class, the truth is that that will only set you up to fail. Why?  Because becoming a home stager is so much more than just design tips and quick walk-through advice!  When you become a home stager you are helping others, using your creative talents and working with sellers at a time that is very difficult...the moving process.

I've been developing and evolving my HSR Staging Certification training course for over 15 years to include so much more than just what a 3-day or 25-hour course will give you!  I absolutely don't do it to overwhelm you but I do it to give you confidence, help you know where to get all the answers and inspire you to be the best home stager you can be.  

See my BRAND NEW Sneak Peek Video of exactly what's inside my HSR Staging Certification course to see what kind of knowledge and resources you will want to become a home stager that stands out from the rest!

In less than a month of intensive, daily training you can become a home stager who understands how to help home sellers get the best return on investment through their design/cosmetic improvements, furniture placement, shopping upgrades and even do vacant homes by following my easy step-by-step pricing and process formula that doesn't make you invest a ton of capital.

Discover how we compare with other staging trainings...

Not all staging certification training is equal, so we created a handy checklist for you to use when you shop and compare training providers.

If you want to become a home stager, you will need extreme design expertise, design confidence, real estate knowledge, shopping know-how, phraseology expertise (in order to be able to explain your design decisions and educate clients), as well as sales-ability, marketing, branding, professionalism, social media savvy, web design and so much more...

But please trust me...if you have a heart for design...

Becoming a Home Stager is AWESOME and Will Change Your Life!

Please do not choose a staging certification without FIRST seeing what's inside the training!  This is why I do the videos I do, so you know exactly what you're getting when you invest with my staging certification training.

become a home stager

Cathy Merrill

This is by far the most in-depth training I have ever seen! I was one of the unlucky few who didn't do enough research and went with a different training program at first. Thank goodness I found Audra! I started attending some of the free webinars and was hooked! The Staging Certification course is worth every. single. penny! I have also received my E-Design Certification and next up is Color! Thank you Audra for sharing your knowledge, I am so excited to implement this training into my business!!

2022 HSR Grad - https://magnolialanestaging.com/

I do training overview videos about every other year because I'm always evolving and adding to the training!  We are involved in TWO industries that are filled with change as designers and real estate stagers, so it's critical that I keep my members updated on what's hot, design trending, real estate trending and working in the marketing realm of their business.

Here's a screen shot of the new items I've added to our brand new training area in the last month:

I Hope You Decide to Become a Home Stager...

I have a few free training videos for becoming a home stager that you may enjoy while you do your research into this wonderful industry filled with the coolest people you will ever meet...

Staging opens up doors you never dreamed possible IF YOU LOVE DESIGN;)

Could  Home Staging" be a Career for You?

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