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Staging Your Home on a Low Budget-Video Success Story1

The Art of Staging Your Home Using What You Own

In the staging world we call this "occupied staging" and it's when the home seller has a very little to no budget and needs the stager to transform each space simply using what they own, buying/renting out a few accessories and... that's it!  Although this usually isn't ideal in a hot market where sellers are seeing a $7 return on every $1 dollar spent (see new RESA Stats), there are some homes where the stager has a lot to work with and can wonders without the breaking the bank.  Staging your home creatively using what you have is an artform that some stagers specialize in.

In the video below, I go over some key staging tips and strategies when staging your home. I also debunk the myth that a stager needs to buy a lot of inventory (or have a lot of capital) to become a successful home stager.  The staging job in the video below is beautifully done by Melissa Ice of Seven Hills Design.  Enjoy this before and after video success story!

Amazing Before-and-After, Occupied Staging on a Zero Budget

A Few Keys to Staging Your Home on a Budget

As you can see from the video above, Melissa Ice did not have to bring in any inventory or staging furniture to make HUGE changes in each room.  The reason the home transformation in the video above worked so well, is because the home seller:

  • Had a cosmetically updated home (no crazy paint colors, dated floors, etc..)
  • Had newer, nice furnishings that clearly had been acquired in the last ten years.
  • Was willing to put in the work and do the decluttering and packing.
  • Was willing to invest in KEY modern and updated accessories that made a HUGE difference in the styling details of this home.  Details matter.
  • Most importantly hired a professional who does this all day and has the extreme expertise and objectivity to see the potential in the space and make a plan.

Quick Note to Home Sellers Thinking About Staging Your Home Yourself...

If you're a home seller wondering if you should stage your home yourself and/or are worried about expensive staging costs, I want to reassure you that a HSR Certified Professional Stager knows how to work with your budget to help you make the best price on your home.  Make sure to search our Directory of professionals above to contact one who is happy to take the stress out of selling and staging your home off your hands.

I never get tired of sharing these stories and staging strategies on staging your home because I understand that this is still a fairly new concept to the average seller.  

If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and creating your own story...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below...

Looking to Compare Trainings?

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Hope you enjoyed the room transformations that Melissa Ice's staging company shared and in case you missed them...here you go...

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