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Amazon Favorites for Staging and Airbnb

Amazon Favorites for Staging 

PLUS My Hot Tips for Being in Your Inventory "Sweet Spot"

I received so many great questions when I guest spoke on a RESA New Stager webinar that I thought I would answer some on my blog.  The biggest question by far was how to build your staging inventory, so you are efficient.  In this video post I give you my inventory hot tips and Amazon favorites for staging, so it's very easy for you to quick ship supplement when in dire need.

First off, let it be known that I don't advocate for you to only use Amazon for staging but you have to admit... this Amazon Prime Living Room board look pretty darn good!

Easy Amazon Favorites for Staging a Living Space Under $2,000

Amazon Favorites for Staging

The very complete living room above can be purchased for under $2000, and literally rented to clients for the same price if not more!  When you know what to buy that looks great and goes well together...the purchasing becomes that much easier.

I have compiled a bunch of Amazon Influencer Idea boards (including the one above) which showcases my Favorite Amazon products for staging that are prime. 

Click on the image below to go to my Amazon Storefront and check it out:

Amazon Favorites for Staging and Airbnb

I don't just feature idea boards for staging but also for Airbnb design!

How to Find Your Inventory "Sweet Spot"

Here's a video that not only shows you my Amazon favorites list but gives you tons of tips and my best advice and pitfalls to avoid when building your inventory for staging:

If you're having trouble viewing the video above, scroll for the YouTube video

Hot Tips for Building Inventory

You don't need a lot of money to get started staging a vacant home...

In the video above, I share lots of hot tips to getting started building inventory and preparing to stage a vacant home so make sure to watch.  Below are some of the tips I listed in the video:

  • Partner with Your Local Furniture Rental Company for Big Pieces
  • Know Where to Shop for Quick-Delivery Pieces Like My Amazon Store Above to Fill-In
  • You Make More Money When You Can Rent Those Big Pieces Out Eventually and They Don't Cost As Much As You Think
  • Consider Storage and Make Sure You Have the Space:  In your garage, renting storage lockers or going big with warehouse rental?
  • Build-Out Room-by-Room and House-by-House:  Start with one and see where it takes you knowing that there's LOTS of directions you can go in your staging business.
  • Get Paid Up-Front and Use that to Invest in Inventory
  • Consider Tracking with an Inventory System Like StageForce or StrangeDNA for More Efficiency
  • Buy In Bulk for Duplicate Pieces to Use in Larger Scale Spaces:  Double up on coffee tables and loveseats to fill larger spaces rather than investing in larger pieces that are hard to store
  • Don't Be Afraid to Turn Down a Job You Cannot Do but Consider Stretching Yourself and Your Business

I hope you found those tips and my Amazon store helpful to your staging and design business!  If you're looking into the industry and wondering if becoming a stager could be a fit for you... I have a free training below I know you will LOVE!

Could  Home Staging" be a Career for You?

Don’t miss this..!!

  • 7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself
  • What the Cost is to Starting this Business
  • Do You Have the Personality for This Industry?
  • How You Know If You Have the Design Talent?

I am thankful for the HSR course and Audra's leadership. I recognized early on, that my passion alone for interior decorating wasn't enough to move ahead in this industry. Audra provides the knowledge on how to BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. As a result of taking this course, I have since stepped out on faith, resigned my position as an Elementary School Administrator and I am going all in!

Chyamiah MartinElevated Home & Design

I have worked in a corporate environment for many years, but the Home Staging and Redesign Certification Course was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. The training is comprehensive with a practical orientation. It is completely based on the experience and research of Audra and other stagers. They provide insights, examples and tools that were extremely helpful to develop staging and design skills and build confidence. I never expected to get so much out of an online training course!

Kim Regenhard

Amazon Favorites for Staging and Airbnb

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