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Goal Planning for Stagers and Designers Hot Tips Video and Productivity Planners

Do you want to reach those big goals this year?

Do you want to be more productive and get more done that is aligned with your goals and dreams?

There's a science to actually reaching those goals and getting things done.  I went over the science in my free, live goal setting, planning and productivity workshop for stagers and designers last night.  Goal planning for stagers does not just happen... you must be strategic!

Did you know that when you actually physically write down your goals on a piece of paper, you're 42% more likely to achieve them? The action of your brain writing it down, helps remember and solidify those goals.

And if you want to really crush those goals, scheduling the actions, or what I call "intentions" on a calendar in advance is going to triple your chance for success!

Watch My Goal Planning for Stagers Hot Tips Video

A Few Keys to Goal Planning and Crushing Those Goals This Year:

There's a TON more tips in my free, live goal setting, planning and productivity workshop but here's just a few in the video above:

  • Write Down Your Goals on Paper (Go Old School)
  • Write Down the Steps or "Intentions" to Reaching Each Goal in Your Calendar (click here from my free, productivity calendar!)
  • Only Focus on 3 Critical Intentions a Day and Write Those Down in Pen
  • Write Down in PENCIL the Other Intentions for Each Day Knowing Those are Not "Must-Do's" and Life Happens
  •  Keep a 2-Week Goal Calendar and a Monthly Goal Calendar and Write Down the Above Goals/Intentions in Both for Maximum Productivity!

I hope you enjoyed these scientific quick tips to really getting more done this year for yourself. January is a time to reignite, reevaluate, and get excited about what you want to do this year!  

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