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Do you want to know what a gorgeous staging brochure looks like?

In this quick "how-to" video below I'm going to show you EXACTLY how we structured the "Vacant Staging Investment Guide" (staging brochure) for our HSR members, so they could easily add in their information and download:

Staging Brochure Basics

Why give your clients a proposal or price list without also selling them on your unique qualifications and expertise?  Too many stagers are doing this when they bid vacant jobs and it's one of the reasons they are competing on price only and not on quality, expertise, service and professionalism.

In my FREE Pricing Workshop training I detail exactly how to package your vacant staging services, so that your proposals are:

  • Streamlined and Easy to Create (saving you tons of time by the way)
  • Professional and Head and Shoulders ABOVE Every Other Stager
  • Competing in the Realm of Quality NOT "Low Priced Leader"
  • Educating Clients on the Value of Quality Furnishings and Stagings
  • Educating Clients on Statistics that Give Them a Great Return on Investment

Looking to Compare Trainings?

Here are 25 reasons we are your BEST choice...

Staging Brochure Detailed Video (See Inside!)

As a trainer, I liken my materials and business model to interior designers and that's why I call this staging brochure a "Staging Investment Guide" because staging truly is an investment in future earnings in the sale of the home!  

Check out my video that shows you what's inside the Canva Template we just added to the HSR Staging and Redesign Certification course:

You can try and spend weeks creating a staging brochure investment guide for clients yourself...or you can save months of time and frustration by joining my HSR Staging Certification course.:)

Discover how we compare with other staging trainings...

Not all staging certification training is equal, so we created a handy checklist for you to use when you shop and compare training providers.

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Do you want to know what a gorgeous staging brochure looks like? In this quick "how-to" video below I'm going to show

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