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starting a career in home staging

Starting a Career in Home Staging - Day One

If you are thinking of starting a career in home staging then you will love this more detailed "sneak peek" into DAY ONE of our HSR Staging Certification.  Why?  

Because I have trained thousands of home stagers into success over my last 15 years and have discovered a that building a firm foundation at the very start is critical!

In this Day One "Sneak Peek" Video I show you the steps to building that firm foundation and starting a career in home staging that will last you a life-time:

Starting a Career in Home Staging Starts Day ONE

Day One is about familiarizing yourself with the whole training and your Getting Started guide which is in your training manual.

The Getting Started Guide is your checklist for starting a career in home staging and is so helpful with how to do the "business set-up" correctly from the start.  It's really about focusing on yourself, your strengths, developing that business plan, how to work with your training calendar, setting realistic goals, staying focused and getting that business start-up "to do" list completed.

Watch the Video Above to Get Your Free Calendar Download

We give you an example calendar where you can see how you would structure and make goals for course completion. We also provide a blank calendar where you can set your schedule and work around your work if need be. I provide you an aggressive example calendar in the video above but this training is self-paced, so it's more of a journey... and one you will love!

The Importance of Researching Your Market When Starting a Career in Home Staging

Right away I teach you how to get to know your local market from a real estate standpoint, ideal client standpoint and design niche.  Many markets are ripe for a particular design service, so it's important to understand the needs of your local market before starting a career in home staging.

Learn More About How to Become a Rock Star Stager!

Free training replay walks you through the steps to getting started and becoming a Rock Star Stager and Designer...

The Importance of Soul Searching When Starting a Career in Home Staging

On Day One we dive into soul searching, understanding your motives and mission, as well as your SWOT (strengths and weaknesses which lead to opportunities and threats for your business).  This is important because your niche and marketing plan in Week Two of the training will be centered around your strengths and what you're comfortable doing...trust me there's a TON of ways to reach your ideal clients.

On Day One we also get practical with key steps and considerations to choosing the right business name, how to get started on your portfolio, how to set up systems and we end the day with showing you how to create a logo in Canva.

Whew, Day One is a lot!

But the good news is... action and structure breeds confidence and success.  Hope you enjoy the video!

If you're having a hard time viewing the video, then here's the YouTube video but it doesn't have the easy download links:

Could  Home Staging" be a Career for You?

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