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2023 Color Trends

2023 Color Trends by Paint Manufacturer

I love this time of year not just because it's fall and there's a change of season but because it's the time of year when all the large, paint manufacturers pick their "2023 Color Trends" and color of the year!  I'm going to be doing a free, live, trends workshop on 2023 color trends, as well as design, staging and business trends next week, so I hope you can join me!

In year's past, these paint companies have been fairly spot-on at picking what's going to be hot and in fact, mostly picked some variation of green in last year's picks.  But not this year...

My Take on the 2023 Color Trends and What it Means for Design and Staging

Below is a quick video I created showing you each manufacturers 2023 Color Trends and pick for the year, as well as my opinion on how to interpret that into design.

Sherwin Williams 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

Sherwin Williams usually is fairly spot on with what is going to be hot in the past. They are also usually the big winner in my "who picked best" poll during my Trends Workshop but I suspect that will not be the case this year...

2023 Color Trends - Color - Sherwin Williams Redend Point

Source: Sherwin-williams.com

While I can see this color trending hotly in decor and accents, I'm not sure I like it on the walls as a paint color...what do you think?

Benjamin Moore 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

Strangely, Benjamin Moore picked a similar color in that they both have a red undertone yet the mood of their 2023 color trends pick could not feel more different than Sherwin Williams.  The Sherwin Williams choice evokes a calm, serene mood whereas Benjamin Moore is like WOW.

2023 Color Trends - Color - Raspberry Blush

Source: BenjaminMoore.com

It makes one wonder...could red be making a comeback in design?  

Another similarity to the Sherwin Williams 2023 color trends pick is that I don't see this being a popular wall paint color...especially for any kind of staging.  Having said that, I can see it as an accent but it's a less likely color pick in my opinion than the Sherwin Williams choice which is REALLY saying something!

What I absolutely love about these two big paint brands picks is that they are BOLD which always causes a stir in the design realm.

Dunn Edwards 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

While not nearly as big a paint brand as our other two I had to note that they came up with a very similarly toned color...Terra Rosa

2023 Color Trends - Color - Dunn Edwards - Terra Rose

Source: DunnEdwards.com

What the heck?!  Are we seeing a pattern emerge that is wholly unexpected?  Yep, and again it's a similar undertone but the mood could not feel more different.  

Behr 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

Unlike our other two paint brands who went unexpected and a bit "out there", Behr chose a not so HOT trending color in Blank Canvas:

2023 Color Trends - Color - Behr Blank Canvas

Source: Behr.com

It's like Behr is very late to the White Trend and is just now catching up...White has been seriously trending for years and literally replaced the gray trend (thank goodness!)

Behr's choice of white is interesting in that it is not a pure white but more of a creamy choice which does speak to the new beige trend we may be circling back to  again.

2023 Color Trends Conclusion

Never underestimate the power of research that goes into each of these brands color picks is always my motto!  Whenever I see a pattern of choices you can bet some hot trends will follow.  I have a lot more to say about each of these picks in the video above and below but let's chat more on my next 2023 Trends Workshop...sound good?

Picture of text "Imagine 400 Fellow Design Lovers in One Chat Room...Free, Live Webinar Training...hope you can come! Save My Seat Now!

If they video above was not working great for you, here's is the direct YouTube video link:

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