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is home staging worth it

Is staging is worth it in a low-priced home that is occupied and very cluttered? 

Or maybe you're an agent and you have that kind of listing and you're just thinking... maybe I'll just throw it on the market and hopefully people can see past their items?

Here is another incredible member success video story by Addie Ashworth of Ashworth Home, where she actually went into a fairly cluttered occupied home, gave them a staging walk and talk report (click here for staging report hot tips) and had eager sellers do everything on the list for amazing results...woot!

Is Staging Worth It Success Story Video

A Few Keys to Home Seller Success Mentioned in the Video Above...

Heads-Up!  If you are a real estate agent, you might want to pass this success video and post to some of your home sellers.

As you can see from the video above, Addie was able to use and move around what the home seller had, as well as added a few key purchases to inject style and personality into each space.  Here are some keys to home seller success mentioned in the video to make home staging worth it:

  • Staging is About Objectivity and Cluttered is Not Sellable - It's okay if you have an unperfect or cluttered home but to get the best price, it's time to not get prickly about it and step back to put some work in prepping for what buyers want to see.
  • Time to Let Go and Save Yourself Some "Unpacking Time" - If you are not using it and can't sell it in a garage sale for more than $10 bucks it's time to ditch it and start fresh in your new home.  This is especially true for old pillows, picture frames, worn-out bedding and towels.
  • Packing Starts Now and Less in a Space Showcases Better - I am not a proponent of the sterile, remove all items from kitchen counters and bookcases approach that many agents take when it comes to staging BUT I do agree that less is more, so critically only create vignettes that are on-trend and enhance the space. 
  • Buyers Have an Expectation, so Put On Your "Buying Eyes" - No, not your "Lying Eyes" which is a GREAT song by the Eagles...put on your Buying Eyes to try and become a bit more objective about your home which is not your most valuable commodity.
  • Get a Professional Checklist or Staging Report to Keep You on Track - It's impossible to be objective about your space, so using a professional home stager who does this PURELY for a living is essential!  Your certified staging professional should be able to provide you with a checklist or Staging Report that helps you to stay organized in your staging "to do" list.
  •  Start With Art but PLEASE Hang It Correctly - Art goes a LONG way but too many times it's hung incorrectly, not to scale with the space or the style does not fit.  The centerline of your art must be around 60-62 inches high on a wall and 4-10 inches when hung over a mantel, couch or chair rail.

As you can see from the video above, staging is an art form NOT a formula and staging is worth it. People who have had a passion for design ALL their lives go into the staging and design field because they have been training themselves on the rules of design all their lives.  

Here's more of Addie's Before and After Occupied Staging:

Quick Note to Home Sellers Thinking About Staging Your Home Yourself...

If you're a home seller wondering if you should stage your home yourself and/or are worried about expensive staging costs, I want to reassure you that a HSR Certified Professional Stager knows how to work with your budget to help you make the best price on your home.  Make sure to search our Directory of professionals above to contact one who is happy to take the stress out of selling and staging your home off your hands.

I never get tired of sharing these stories and staging strategies on staging your home because I understand that this is still a fairly new concept to the average seller.  

If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and creating your own story...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below...

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If you're having a hard time seeing the video above, here's the direct YouTube video:

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