Are you struggling with knowing what to do, say and give your clients when you do a staging consultation? 

Or maybe you're struggling with wondering what that staging report or that client action plan should look like?

In this video, I outline 15 hot tips that every Staging Report should contain...

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What is a Staging Report?

A Staging Report is a tool that you use when you're walking through the home with the home seller and giving them all of your wonderful, expert advice on what they should do to get the BEST price on the sale of their home.  Some stagers use a notebook but to look credible, confident and professional I recommend you step it up!

What is a Canva Template?

Canva is a free online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish's the bomb for small businesses! 

I'm one of the only home staging trainers that include a bunch of professionally designed staging Canva Templates in all my trainings.  The Staging Report in the video is just one of the many templates in my HSR Certified Staging and Redesign course.

To see how the Canva Template works, here's a freebie template of a social media post you can edit and use in your own social:

What should a Staging Report include?

Your Staging Report should include all of my top tips in the video above like photos, checklists, statistics, reminders for you, a cover sheet for marketing and more bonuses so your sellers get value out of your staging report.

You should also have a gorgeous cover image that you can use in your website and social media to display your competitive difference.  This is the image for my members that they can put on their website:

Of course because it is in Canva, it is completely customizable:

Make sure to watch the video above to see a Staging Report in action and all my 15 hot tips for crafting the perfect Staging Report!

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Tips for Creating a Staging Report that Engages, Connects and Motivates Your Sellers

So many of my tips from the video above are all about helping the sellers disassociate from their home and begin to see it for what it is...their most valuable commodity that they want to sell for the best price possible.  A good staging report helps them put the emotions aside, is highly readable with checklists and photos and is the perfect guide for your walk through!

Your staging report should also help to set expectations, timelines and reiterate benefits:

Your staging report should also include photos and checklists so it's readable and super easy for you to zip through your advice:

Here's another Canva Template example for free that shows you how easy it is to edit in Canva

Make sure to watch the complete video above for all 15 Staging Report Hot Tips!

I hope you found the video helpful for your staging and design business!  More importantly, I hope you will stop wasting valuable time recreating the wheel in your business and that you will consider becoming an HSR Certified Home Stager where I get to give you all these things, so you're never reinventing.😘

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