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HSR - Award Winning Photos Staging and Design - Audra Slinkey (2)

Winning Staging Photos You Will Love

Who doesn't love looking at award winning staging photos?

As the body of work for stager's and designer's gets better and better, we love to showcase some of our favorites posted in our Stagers Connect community.  There's a story behind every staging and design job, so that gets to be shared too... enjoy!

Parade of Homes Winning Staging Photos

Jackie Low of Stage the Vibe, which serves Waco, TX and the surrounding areas has won the Best of the Best award 10 times!  I love to share her story and design work since she is a color lover like me....can you tell?

HSR-Award Winning Staging-6 Jackie Reagan Low H

“This stage was so special as it was the Feature Home in Waco’s Parade of Homes Tour. This was our first ever Parade Home and boy was it a stunner! We were able to see digital renderings of the home prior to staging which enabled us to really plan what would pop against the beautiful blue that was chosen for most of the walls in the home."

HSR-Award Winning Staging-6 Jackie Reagan Low B

"We chose creamy neutrals for the larger furniture pieces and then accented with cognacs, oranges and of course black and white. We try to use black and white in almost every stage because it photographs so well! This will always be one of our favorites just because it was so uniquely beautiful to begin with. Hopefully there are many more Parade Homes in our future!”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-6 Jackie Reagan Low P

“I have been a Registered Dietitian since getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree in 2002. During COVID, I was unable to go into my long-term care facilities and was doing all of my work on the computer at home. I am a hands-on, let’s get something done kind of girl so I quickly became bored and felt unfulfilled. I knew I had a bigger purpose and God given talents that weren’t being utilized. I had always thought in the back of my mind that staging “would be fun” but never acted on it or took any initiative to do anything more than ponder the idea.  I decided to look up Home Staging certification and found HSR with Audra Slinkey"

"I was amazed at the amount of information and training she offered so I jumped in headfirst! I had no idea what I was doing but felt like I definitely had the tools to do it even if I messed up along the way! I found my first piece of furniture on the side of the road and now I am a full-time stager, I have a 2500+ sq ft warehouse, new clients every month, and most importantly the confidence to go out and do as much as my mind can come up with."

"There is absolutely NO WAY I would have had what I needed or would be where I am today without HSR’s training, templates, videos, and support system. I’m still learning and always will be, but I owe so much to Audra for what she has done for the staging world not to mention what she’s done for me and my family. Unbeatable!”

Restored and Staged Farmhouse

TS Staging and Design consists of Theresa Bouchard, Co-Owner and Designer, Stephanie Eklund, Co-Owner and Designer, and Amber Bouchard, Staging and Design Consultant. They service York and Cumberland counties of the state of Maine. I love what this talented team did with this farmhouse!

“This project in Cumberland, Maine, was an old, restored farmhouse which was a joy to work in! The accent wall surrounding the stone fireplace was the perfect color that actually matched the gorgeous banister leading to the upstairs. It tied it all in so nicely. Additionally, they mixed gold and black metal finishes in the kitchen and bathrooms along with interesting penny tile flooring in one bathroom and bold wallpaper in another to add that extra touch of uniqueness! It was a canvas of our dreams which made it all so worthwhile!”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Stephanie Eklund A

“TS Staging and Design is a team of 3 women with the passion for real estate and design! The company started in Jan 2021 soon after completing our home staging certification through Home Staging Resource in Dec 2020. We are currently one of the top 3 stagers in the state of Maine covering a wide range of counties. We have partnered with several prestigious real estate agencies such as Keller Williams, Dream Home Realty and Sotheby's to name a few. Our name is circulating more and more each day!

Our success is attributed to Audra's training, and we can't thank her enough for the guidance not only in home staging but color and design. We are proud to say we are certified Color Experts and Design Experts and look forward to further our education with Audra. We are hoping to make it to the RESA event in Vegas this year and if we do, we would love the opportunity to meet Audra in person!  Thank you once again! We are thrilled as this type of recognition only motivates us more to grow beyond our wildest dreams!”

Stunning Coastal Award Winning Staging

Salt + Pine is a boutique staging company based in Rhode Island. Amy and Kristen are twin sisters who fell in love with staging when they each sold their first homes and I'm so excited to hear them speak at the next RESA Convention!

“This property was a complete renovation. Our client lives next door to the home and when the house came on the market, she purchased it and began renovating it top to bottom. She is a commercial interior designer, so she made stunning choices when it came to the finishes in the home.

The original wall of windows in the great room stayed and it is absolutely stunning! We were so excited to curate our design plan. Using our base of neutral, large furniture in the home we brought in accents with texture. Our design plan had subtle nods to coastal decor woven throughout, to compliment the location.

In the living room we added a bench in front of the windows to add more seating but not interrupt the view. This bench has become a staple in our inventory, and it is definitely a crowd favorite among stagers… we get asked all the time where it is from!”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Kristen Wilson Brown B

“In the dining room we mixed up the chairs, using upholstered end chairs to soften the space and bring some warmth. the remaining four dining chairs are some of our favorites (they are great Serena & Lily dupes).”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Kristen Wilson Brown E

“We found Audra’s training and decided to take the leap and start our company. Audra’s training was invaluable! Not only did we learn the design principles behind staging, but we gained the foundation that allowed us to start a business. We also became part of the stagers connect community which allowed us to connect with our colleagues. This has been a game changer for us. We are able to learn and grow with our peers, share our work, and ask questions. It is such a supportive community!”

Discover how we compare with other staging trainings...

Not all staging certification training is equal, so we created a handy checklist for you to use when you shop and compare training providers.

RESACon Speaker and Award Winning Staging

Mitch and Luis have the most amazing and diversified staging and design business in Galveston, TX called Maison de Campagne.  You have probably heard of them because like Salt and Pine above, they have won the coveted BOB Award several times and are featured speakers at the next RESACon!  

"Project Spreading Oaks was a beautiful luxury property nestled beneath sprawling 100 year old oak trees. The owners had very specific taste in furnishings and by the push of their realtor, we were recommended to stage the property. We were up for the challenge and designed a space that emphasized its scale, architectural details, and mix of textures / materials."
HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Mitch Baje A

BEFORE Staging

"By bringing in transitional pieces, we allowed a wide range of potential buyers to truly appreciate all the home had to offer. Once the space was completed, the homeowners were blown away and couldn’t believe they would love the style we presented. Once the home was listed, it received glowing reviews from its stylishly clean presentation and sold with smiling sellers and buyers!"

HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Mitch Baje B

AFTER Staging

We at MDC are so grateful for the amazing network HSR and Audra have created and couldn’t imagine receiving our staging certification from any other source!

HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Mitch Baje J

Next Level Staging Business

Tamra Toney Pfieifer, owner of Set the Stage Interiors, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area created an updated, beautifully staged home for her clients and it turned out great!  I particularly love Tamra's story because she was a veteran stager when she took my course which helped to propel her business to new heights...

“This home was built in 1978 and was very unique and specialized to the sellers. They were eclectic, artsy people and this home reflected that. I knew it was going to take a special buyer to appreciate this home which also meant it was going to be a bit of a challenge to stage, but I'm always up for a challenge, so I jumped right in. In addition to some of the unique character, the home also had a Spanish flare with terracotta tile floor in the entry and several areas throughout, along with a Spanish style blue and terracotta tile backsplash in the kitchen. This became the inspiration for my color choices. I wanted to enhance and pull together what was already there to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Luckily the very unique, very large family room had recently been painted white, so that helped give the home a more updated feel. It turned out to be a very fun staging and I loved incorporating some bold colors on this one. It did take a few months to find the right buyer, but I was told that my staging played a huge role in getting this one sold! Words every Stager loves to hear! I am so honored to receive this award and so blessed to have found Audra's training to make it even possible!”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-7 Tamra Toney Pfeifer M

“I still can't believe that I am actually living out my dream job and it definitely would not have been possible without Audra and her training!"

"I had been a Stager for years, but only on a small scale. I loved it, but never felt fulfilled by it the way I had always dreamed of. It was my own disbelief that I was capable of doing it on a big scale that held me back and kept my business small! In 2020...like many others, I realized I wanted more for myself, so I decided to dive into more training and finally make this job the dream I always wanted. I searched lots of training and finally decided to sign up with HSR. That was the best career decision I've ever made. Audra's training gave me the tools and confidence to finally take that leap of faith to grow my business to large scale.

I'm 60 years old now and finally living that dream job! My business has grown so much in the last 4 years, and I owe that to Audra, her training and the support and knowledge of so many talented stagers in the stagers connect group/family! I would not be where I am without all of you!! 

Life is truly short, so stop dreaming and start making it happen because you are never too old to turn your dreams into reality!!”

Outdoor Staging Entertainer's Paradise

Rita Hanisch-Dunbar, owner of Hanisch Designs, serving the Greater Sacramento Area in California worked her magic with this occupied staging.  Occupied staging is her specialty and pulling from other sources in the home to showcase it more effectively is really a special talent!

“I was thrilled when one of my savvy realtor partners, who always offers my 'Buyer's Eyes Consultation' as part of her services, reached out to me in the summer of 2023. She needed my help in preparing an occupied listing for sale and being photo ready. The homeowners, who had recently purchased a smaller property down the street to minimize maintenance, had truly put their hearts into maintaining their sprawling estate over the years. From the meticulously manicured landscaping to the charming pond and even a dreamy, enclosed back porch, this place was an entertainer's paradise!"

HSR-Award Winning Staging-7 Rita Dunbar P JPG

"Working with an occupied property meant I got to play a bit of a scavenger hunt, hunting down the perfect pieces to spruce up the space from the homeowners' stash of furniture and decor. And let me tell you, it was a blast! The homeowners were totally onboard with my suggestions for getting the house ready, eagerly awaiting my return for some staging and styling services. One of the standouts changes we made was swapping out the dark sofa in the back porch with this bright alternative from their barn to create a lighter, breezier atmosphere. "

"The homeowners were over the moon with how just a few simple tweaks breathed new life into their beloved home. They were so pleased, they even asked me to help them style their new place once they were all settled in. It's moments like these that remind me why I love what I do – when clients put their trust in me, and we all reap the rewards together.

And wow, did we reap some rewards! This high-end property got the full treatment with gorgeous marketing photos and video footage for the MLS listing. And guess what? It went pending after just 3 days on the market – at full asking price, no less! Now, that's what I call a success story. Another win for the books!”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-7 Rita Dunbar O JP

“I had a long career in Interior Design & Visual merchandising, then stayed home for a couple of years with my daughter and ended up finding myself very interested in Home Staging as my next step. I worked with and for a local Staging company for 2.5 years and when the Covid pandemic changed the course of life slightly, I had to stay home for the schooling of my daughter. Audra's HSR Staging Certification course came across my Facebook screen (clearly her marketing is working, haha) and I was intrigued to check it out.

I had been thinking about going out on my own yet needed all the behind-the-scenes knowledge to connect all the dots with my design competence. I signed up in summer of 2020 and went live January of 2021 specializing in Owner Occupied Staging. I love it and truly could not have done it with Audra's training, the encouragement of hers and the program network of fellow trainees and peers. It is a wonderful industry, Audra and her team are working hard to continuously improve the training, the industry standards and connect a huge network of like-minded folks across the country. So thankful to have jumped on the HSR train when I did!!! In January, I celebrated 3 years since launching Hanisch Designs, my boutique business. I'm thrilled about the future and grateful for the support from Audra and the HSR team.”

Tiny Home BIG Details

Andrea Sealey, owner of Boston Home Couture , located in Stoughton, MA is our first tiny home winner, and I love to see how she planned and made use of this tiny space...

HSR-Award Winning Staging-7 Andrea Aealey G

“I am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Massachusetts and have always had a love for interior design. I took HSR’s online course so I can develop my design business for myself, real estate, and any potential new clients that would come along for home design help. As time went on, I realized I loved designing and wanted to transition from staging to designing and flipping. I’ve purchased 4 homes and designed them all for short term rentals. Which brings me to my favorite tiny award-winning mobile home. I absolutely adore tiny houses and was determined to find one someday."

HSR-Award Winning Staging-7 Andrea Aealey C

"I came across this tiny mobile home through a friend and wanted to buy it instantly! With the help of my dad and brother, we brought this home back to life and transformed it inside and out.

It’s just under 300 square feet and was designed for mid-term housing for medical professionals. My goal was to provide all of the modern comforts of home for the traveler and their fur babies! There’s scratch and water-resistant luxury vinyl plank flooring, full size but very thin refrigerator, and a cooktop so guests can cook right at home. Small spaces are perfect for splashes of big design, and we add a really fun geometric-floral tile to accent the bathroom and kitchen. We preserved the original built-ins for the bedroom storage and gave them an upgrade with paint and new gold hardware. Guests absolutely love it!

This was definitely a passion project for me! It’s my smallest but favorite home to date!”

Lake House Award Winning Design

Kelly Sharp, owner of KD Designs located in Tulsa, OK but has also worked with clients in other states and internationally, designed this gorgeous lake house and I adore it so much!

“This was my first lake house to design and thankfully I was able to be involved before it even broke ground. The owners’ personal style is very much in line with my own, so I really had some fun with these spaces. This house sits right on the water so it’s most definitely a lake house but may be their main home down the road, so we needed to keep that in mind. I wanted it to feel bright, cozy, and warm all at the same time. I feel like we achieved that with many different textures, warm colors and good function for hosting family and friends.”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-6 Kelly Metcalf Sharp E

“I took Audra’s course in 2019 because I always loved staging my own home and was looking to get back to the work force after my kids were in school. Her course was extremely helpful not only with staging and design, but how to start a business. That’s where I needed the most help and didn’t know where to start! I’m five years in and have been so fortunate to work on some really great projects. My business has leaned more into the design side, but staging a project when it’s complete is my favorite part. I’m so lucky to get to create beautiful spaces for families to love and enjoy!”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-6 Kelly Metcalf Sharp H

Serene Bedroom Staging

Kelly Edwards, owner of Stage•ology, serving the San Francisco East Bay Area, did an excellent job staging her client’s childhood home, I’m so impressed with her talent.

“I am truly honored to receive this award for our staging of this remarkable home. Our award-winning staging project transformed this expansive custom home, which held sentimental value as the homeowner's childhood abode. Initially considering retaining much of the existing furniture, we persuaded her to opt for a complete overhaul with new staging items, ensuring a modern, cohesive aesthetic across every room. The result? We turned this cherished childhood residence into an impressive showcase of design excellence!”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-8 Kelly Edwards D

“It is with immense gratitude and excitement that I accept this award for my staging work. My journey in real estate and design has been a lifelong passion. After earning a certificate in Interior Design in 2001, I delved into the field as a design consultant for several years, driven by my love for transforming spaces. However, the onset of the Great Recession led me to pivot into the corporate world for a period. In 2021, amidst changing circumstances, I found myself drawn back to my true passion for design.

With determination and a leap of faith, I made the decision to leave my corporate job and founded Stageology later that same year. Equipped with training and certification from Audra and the Home Staging Resource, I embarked on a new chapter dedicated to staging excellence. Since its inception, Stageology has flourished, and I am thrilled to be on the brink of an even more successful 2024.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Audra for her invaluable support and guidance throughout this journey. Her training has been instrumental in shaping Stageology into what it is today. Here's to the future and the continued success of Stageology!"

Gorgeous Occupied Award Winning Staging

Christine Prucha of Eye For Style LLC, servicing Milwaukee, Waukesha, and surrounding counties, created a beautiful staged home with her talent.

“Occupied staging in this beautiful home was done for a client relocating to Chicago. Fortunately, the owner had some great furniture pieces to work with, so I just brought in a few small pieces to balance out the room. Where the home was lacking was in wall art, shelf and table decor and finishing touches like greenery, drape panels, throws and accent pillows. I pulled what I could from my inventory and then hit up my favorite retailers to complete the look and pull it together. The homeowner and realtor were very pleased with the finished look and the home received multiple offers over asking within 2 days.”

HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Eye for Style B

“I crave creativity and get so much satisfaction from seeing my vision come to fruition. My career path has always included elements of creativity. I began in cosmetology and later moved on to visual merchandising and pop-up shop design and execution. When I was furloughed in 2020 from my visual merchandising career, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to follow my dream and launch a staging and redesign business.  I did some research on classes and decided that HSR was a perfect fit for me. HSR offered me the opportunity to do classes online and at my own pace. 

HSR-Award Winning Staging-5 Eye for Style E

I completed the home staging/resign and color consulting courses which gave me the knowledge, confidence, and expertise to assist my clients with all their home related needs. I have been styling and redesigning living spaces for family and friends for years as well as my own home and being certified allowed me to reach so many people to help them love where they live. I am truly blessed with the natural ability to pull it all together and my eye for style.”

As you can see, each room has it's own unique style reflected by the amazing artists who have become home stagers!

If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and creating your own story...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below...

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