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Color consultant and how to become a color expert

How to Become a Color Consultant

Are you a creative person with a good eye for color? Becoming a professional color consultant or certified color expert (CCE) could be for you! Before you make any kind of decision, you need to know what exactly a color consultant does, how much you can make by choosing this career path, and steps you can take to become a color consultant. With all of that in mind, we here at Home Staging Resource have compiled a list of common questions about the sometimes-misunderstood, not to mention lucrative, field of color consulting. We hope it helps you in your quest to align your career path with your creative side!

What is a Professional Color Consultant?

A Color Consultant is a professional who specializes in color design and selection. They help people create beautiful, vibrant, and harmonious color schemes for their homes or businesses. They can also provide advice on how to use colors to evoke certain emotions or feelings and create more light in a space. Color Consultants are experts in understanding how colors interact with each other in the space and how they can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. 

With the help of a Color Consultant, you can make sure that your home or business looks its best while also reflecting your unique personality and style.  https://www.colorcom.com/consultation/what-does-a-color-consultant-do

What Does a Color Consultant Do?

A Certified Color Expert Consultant who has gone through our color certification process will be able to assess the current colors in the fixed finishes of your space and choose the right white, neutral and color scheme that will work.  You can't make color choices in a vacuum and your space will certainly have a color direction it will need to go based on your flooring, fireplace, counters, backsplash, home style, architecture, lighting and mood.

The Color Consultant follows a 6-Step Color Read process to insure they are choosing colors with undertones that will harmonize and bring the space together.  A Certified Color Expert will even bring in color swatches for you to narrow down and live with the tried-and-true selections they have provided, so you can select according to what feels best.  

Top Skills for a Color Consultant

You must love color.  Color consultants are professionals who help businesses and individuals make informed decisions about the colors they use. They understand how different colors can affect a person's mood, create an atmosphere, and influence decision-making. To become a successful color consultant, it is important to have certain skills. This includes knowledge of color psychology, color rules, color undertones, design principles, and communication skills. 

Additionally, it is also important to have an eye for detail, the ability to get a "read on the space" and the ability to think creatively when creating color schemes for clients. With these skills, a color consultant can help their clients create visually appealing spaces that evoke certain emotions and feelings.

Since interior designers and home stagers are continually asked about color, this is a key skill for them to finesse and have in their business.  Design professionals cannot be afraid of color and certainly need to hone that skill. 

How to Become a Color Consultant

There are not many courses that strictly teach color and how to become a color consultant, so do your research and pick wisely.  The biggest mistake people make when they choose a color course is not selecting one that teaches the "whole business" including how to structure a winning color consultation and especially how to market your color business.  You can be the best color consultant in the world but if you don't know how to market that service... you won't bet much business!

Do you need a degree to become a color consultant?

Becoming a color consultant doesn't necessarily require you to have a degree. It is more important to have the knowledge and experience in the field of color theory, design principles, and color psychology. Having a degree in art or design can be helpful but it is not necessary for success as a color consultant.

The best way to become a successful color consultant is to invest in a good color training and develop your skills through practice and experience. You should also take courses or seminars related to the subject matter so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. With these skills, you will be able to provide your clients with valuable insights into how they can use colors effectively in their designs.

What is the added value of a professional certification in color consultation?

Professional certifications in color consultation provide an added value to those looking to specialize in the field. With a certification, you can prove that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to give advice on color selection and design. You can also demonstrate your commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

A professional certification also sets you apart from other non-certified professionals, as it shows that you have been through an extensive training program designed by experts in the field. Furthermore, it gives employers and clients assurance that they are working with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.

In short, a professional certification in color consultation provides a competitive edge for those looking to specialize in this field. It proves that you have what it takes to be a successful consultant, giving potential employers or clients more confidence when hiring or selecting services.

Don’t take our word for it….here is what recent Certified Color Expert graduate, Janea Dawson had to say about our program:

“I took the HSR Staging and Redesign course in the Spring of 2022, and had seen this CCE course offered at that time. While I was intrigued, I opted to wait. Shortly after completing the staging certification course, I found myself working with some local Real Estate Investors doing Airbnb design and set up. These projects have required that I give my professional opinion on paint colors and some have me choosing flooring, cabinets, fixtures, etc. It seemed like the perfect time to become a certified Color Expert! I have already started to put in to practice and have found confidence in using the 6-step color read process. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a Color Consultant and have no doubt the information within this course will serve me well!”

 - Janea Dawson, CCE

Salary Expectations as a Color Consultant

While color consulting is usually a service that interior designers and home stagers offer clients, there are many cases where someone simply specializes in color consulting alone for clients.  This can be very lucrative because the typical color consultation costs around $350 and can lead to other design services.  

Why can you charge more for a color consult than a staging consult?  Because people are afraid of color and making expensive design mistakes by choosing the wrong color finishes for their kitchen, bath or home renovation.  A busy color consultant can do several consultations a week on a low-overhead and liability business, so it's also perfect for the person who wants to keep their business simple.

How to Become a Certified Color Expert (CCE)

If you love color and/or want to offer this valuable service to your design clients, then the Certified Color Expert course is a perfect fit for you!  I walk you through the rules of color, color theory, color in the space and how to use my formula and 6-Step Color Read process for success.  It's a 3-Day, online and at your own pace training that you can refer back to repeatedly.  Most importantly, I give you all the forms, pricing, guides and marketing tools to easily sell this invaluable service to clients!  With our 72-Hour guarantee you have nothing to lose and will never make a color mistake again.

If you love color, then you will LOVE being a Certified Color Expert Consultant!

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