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I'm so glad you could join me on a live, learning event!  Do yourself a favor and remove distractions, make yourself comfortable, get a drink, pen and paper, and think about what you want your perfect job and life to look like.  Making money doing what you love, what you are good/gifted at AND helping others.


I cannot begin to say just how much I have learned or enjoyed Audra's HSR course. I have been blown away by the amount of information that was provided. Finishing the course has left me excited to start my business with confidence...because I feel I now have so much knowledge and will be able to not only speak intelligently on all things home staging related, but will be able to effectively price my services as well. There is no doubt I'll be referring back to so many items, forms and lessons as they are priceless to starting this business. Thank you Audra from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and for being so motivating!

Thank you Audra, this course was beyond my expectations. It was slow going for me at first because of how much information was provided, once I got use to the style and organization of the website, I'm so appreciative of all the forms and the videos you shared. All of the THE MARKETING SECTION, cannot say enough about this aspect of your training. These are all questions I had when I started the program, "how am I going to market?" You answered every question before I could even ask it!

Signing up for the Home Staging Resource's 21-Day HSR Certification Training is the best decision I made for myself and my business. The cost is justified in the amount of forms you receive alone and the videos and training materials are a huge bonus! Audra truly sets you up for success and CARES about that success. I feel prepared, knowledgeable and supported and couldn't be happier that I found Audra and the HSR community!

Ashley Elliot - Ashley Elliot Design

Through the HSR training, Audra gave me not only the tools that I needed to be successful but also the confidence to know that I can do this. It is certainly a lot of work to build a business, research, network and market your brand, but the HSR training made it enjoyable! It was especially helpful to learn all of the other opportunities that can come after starting your staging business like staging Airbnbs, partnering with vendors and realtors, and offering holiday decorating services. I'm excited to get my business up and running!

Ashley Boegel - Grounded Interiors

Even though I have been home staging and styling for several years, I knew I had gaps in my learning. I needed to have an arsenal of marketing and business forms and an updated website to be competitive in the home staging market. I have been looking at Audra's course for some time and stalking her information packed webinars.
I took the leap and decided to invest in myself and am so glad I did! During the covid quarantine I have been busy filling my head with facts and my soul with design. I also totally redid my website which was a labor of love. I am super proud of the finished product showcasing all my work.
Your course has given me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams.
I love that I can always refer back to the modules and you are always adding updated information for our industry as it grows and changes. I have learned so much just being in our Facebook group from a tribe of passionate and giving professionals. Thank you Audra!

Lisa Marie Powell - Upstage Your Decor

I started my business as a Professional Organizer in 2018. I knew that I wanted to grow my business, but I was lacking in the resources of branding and marketing myself. Taking this training, I'm not going to lie, it has been very overwhelming for me. It felt like I was being stretched like a rubber band. On top of that I am not tech savvy. Double whammy!! Above all I am grateful and blessed. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Audra for the work that she has done in helping me overcome my fears and doubts. Because of this training not only have I gained confidence in myself, I also feel I gained a friend in Audra.

Tania M. Woods - Livable Spaces

I have never been provided with so much of a helping hand, period.

This training has superseded my expectations ten,... no one-hundred fold. This program has far more information than I can obtain mentally (before "getting in there and doing it myself") and that is what makes it so amazing.

I love that Audra provides a place I can go online (her training website) to research and review information….and she doesn’t stop there! Stagers Connect is a private Facebook group for her trainees to get together and share ideas, information and so much more. In addition to this, she mails you a ~2” thick spiral bound training book for your training and reference. She provides templates for advertising, marketing, trainings and even websites. Her tips, tricks and ideas are boundless and her devotion to her trainees and this field are inspirational. I couldn’t have created this business without her. I am graciously thankful.

Colleen Michelle Bowne - Home Designs By Colleen Michelle

This training was wonderful! All of the videos, handouts, and e-books were very helpful. It was well organized, fun, easy to follow and highly engaging. I really enjoyed watching the staging videos and getting to see how the concepts I was learning about were put into action. Thank you, Audra!

Nina Marie Sartorelli - Nina Lin Interiors

The training that I have received through Home Staging Resource and Audra has far exceeded any of my expectations that I had when I originally set out to own my own business in home staging and redesign. This course has provided me with a countless number of tools and in-depth training to succeed in my business. I will continue to use this course as resource as I build my own dream.

Christina Lee O'Dell - Within These Walls, LLC

Finding Audra, and going through the HSR training, has instilled confidence, experience and belief in my own abilities as a successful home stager. Before the training, I thought the home staging industry was beyond me. HSR training is relatable, as well as comprehensive. The education I received is key to my ongoing success. The training is self-paced, therefore achievable while being hands-on in the industry. I credit my success to Audra and HSR and wholly recommend this education to any aspiring home stager out there who may have any doubts in their own ability.

Heidi Swart - Life of Decor LLC

Audra's course has been beyond amazing. She provides you with so much information to get started on your staging business, and provides other avenues to make money as well. This is a three week course that took me 5 weeks to complete because it is packed with so much helpful information. I wanted to soak it all in. I initially did not know where to start with my business, but Audra paved the path. It does not stop with home staging either. She provides form templates to use and make your own. She also provides abundant resources for your to continue to use with your staging business. This course is a MUST for any home stager looking to be successful!

Monica Avalos - Simply Staged

This training was definitely an investment that is invaluable for building a Home Staging and Redesign business. Audra provided limitless resources and a blueprint to follow which took a lot of the guess work out of how to structure my offerings, pricing etc..., as well as provided various alternative income stream options to consider as offerings for my business. I am launching in the next couple weeks and definitely have a sense of confidence that I am more than prepared to start this new chapter of my life!

M. DeAnn Brown - Legacy Keys Homes

This has been the best staging course I've done! It offers everything you need without the additional cost! Well worth every cent!

This intense training has been the best month of my career! I finally feel like I'm able to pull together years of my knowledge of selling vintage furniture and decorating for family and friends into a career. The basis of Audra's course being the business aspect is something that is not offered in any other course that I have researched and is very much appreciated. I look forward to expanding my brand and am so excited for this new chapter!

Jennifer Burt - Mississippi Maximalism

I am so grateful for the information contained in the Home Staging Resource training. I have taken other staging courses and college level design courses that have not given me the amount of information that Audra has included.

Cassandra Fulks - Desert Decor Interiors

The training provided by Audra has proved to be invaluable in building my staging and redesign business. The in depth information provided in numerous ways and that is available to be reviewed as needed is a resource which I utilize again and again. I couldn't recommend this training more highly!!

Melody Norris - Sandia Staging and Design

As my friend and business partner discussed focusing on Home Staging, I wanted to learn about everything regarding home staging. I looked at several training options and decided on Audra's program based on the reviews, price and that I could do it online. The HSR program is great and gives way more information that I ever would've thought. You definitely get more than you pay for!

Hope Huddleston - My Home Place Designs

Wow! There is so much information, it is well organized and was a game changer for me. As a busy business owner working to get my design services launched, having Audra's guidance and very useful staging business "in a box" was exactly what I needed!

Jessica Crosby - Delight In Designs

I came to the HSR training program with a background of several decades in Learning & Development. As you can probably imagine, it is challenging for me to take classes of any kind (live, recorded, or virtual) without distracting thoughts of how the objectives are not clear, content isn't cohesive, or the speaker isn't engaging. I'm thrilled to say that after three intense weeks, I am thrilled with Audra's training.
The program sequence makes sense. It reminds me of walking up to a map in the middle of a theme park. It's easy to see where you've been, where you are, and where you're headed next. While I followed the sequence as is, I appreciate that I had the option to jump around.
Now that I'm certified, I go forward with confidence. I have tool box full of tools I'll use and more importantly, I know how to use them. If I have any questions or concerns going forward, I know Audra and the HSR community are there for me.
If you're considering education for staging and redesign, I researched every option out there before deciding on HSR. It is the very best and I'm proud to be part of the family. You'll be in safe hands here.

Jenny Ergle - Golden Home Staging

I am a stay at home mom of two little ones, and I love every moment of that. But I have been struggling with the idea of not having something that is mine; something I can build, take pride in, help my family financially with. I just felt stuck and emptied honestly.
Recently I finally decided to figure out what it was that I wanted to do, and my mind went to Staging. I have looked into it before, even almost attended another company's 3 day staging course, but it never clicked. Then I spoke with a Home Stager that had gone through HSR herself, and she recommended I attend a free webinar, and I knew then that this was the path for me.
I have loved every moment of training, and though I still feel anxious about officially having my own business, Audra's thorough and detailed classes, manual, and forms have given me confidence to jump in!
I plan to rewatch a few different lessons before my business is live, but I am so happy to have gone through this training, and I am excited for this next chapter I get to launch into!
Thank you Audra!

Tralynn Moriarty - TM Homes & Redesign

With over 30 years experience in the decorating/design field, I didn’t think I would get that much from the training. A friend convinced me to take the course just to see if we were missing something. I was certainly surprised at all the information available, I learned plenty! What is fantastic is all the resources and forms available to use. It was very helpful to for us to start offering staging in our business. Thanks, Audra!

Lynn Ricci - Staged to Sell

I am so glad I took this course. It took me longer then expected to complete; however Audra has prepared me in more ways then I ever expected. I cannot thank her enough and can't wait to start my next class with her!

The Home Staging training from Home Staging Resources is thorough and very comprehensive. It provides a lot of the background information that someone would need to get started in the business plus information for some that are already in the business. It is a great course and the pace (at your own) is perfect for anyone. I highly recommend the course, and have already, to others interested in home staging.

Joanne G. Ruf - Interior Design by Jo

HSR and Audra were so much more than I had hoped for. The training is chock full of the most excellent information and I feel that I am more than ready to begin my staging career. If anyone is on the fence about which training to take, look no further. The tools and the knowledge that I received from HSR totally exceeded my expectations.

Paige Freeman - Twenty9 Designs

Wow! I have learned so much about every aspect of Staging and Redesign as well as how to successfully market my business. Audra is a marketing genius, no doubt! The forms and downloads are such a bonus and the references to web-based tools are very helpful. She even offers an incredible website and training tools, E-design and Color design training. She connects you with other Stagers so you feel a part of a team. I highly recommend HSR Staging and Redesign Training.

Denise Cady Bockoven - Design & Decor by Denise

The HSR training manual and Audra's material have been the ideal guide to starting my own Home Staging and Redesign company. I love how you can take the training at your own speed and also have the option to review it as many times as you like. The Stager's connect Forum is awesome, and just adds to the learning experience. So glad to be part of this community and have the support of Audra herself. Thank you so much HSR.

Michelle Collins - Elleco Interiors

I've been an interior designer for over 30 years. I wanted to add home staging to my services but had no idea how to charge for the staging. Getting my certification from HSR answered my questions as well as gave me creative marketing ideas to reenergize my existing design business.

Anita Webber Smith - Webb Design Interiors

This training has been amazing. Everything you could think of wanting to learn in this industry is provided for you. I love that Audra's main mantra is that there is nothing new under the sun so don't reinvent the wheel but be creative. She provides you with forms, sell sheets, example contracts, verbiage to use, everything! This is a lot of information to process but it's so worth it and I feel 10 times more confident starting this business because I have these resources available to me and the training under my belt.

Jessica Puleo - Spaces Reimagined

After retiring from my career as a school teachers and administrator, I was looking for a new pt-time career in design and eager to be trained through a solid, affordable program that encompassed design, redesign and how to get a business started.
HRS alllowed me to work at my own pace. Audra keeps it fresh and stimulating even in a pandemic with virtual happy hours and tips for e-design. I love being a member of such a supportive and encouraging group - always willing to help. Thank you!

Vicki Parks - Seagrove Designs

The HSR training was invaluable in not only helping to solidify my choice in making a huge career change, confidently, but feeling as though I have an automatic "dial-a-friend" when needed! I enjoyed the training scope of incorporating the layers of learning (reading/homework & practicing certain applications throughout/videos). Now that I have completed this certification, I will be signing up for the Color Certification & E-Design as well!

Audra's training program far surpassed my expectations. She is very knowledgeable and is eager to share her expertise in her course, in her live webinars, and in her generous free videos she makes available online. I would not have had the confidence if it were not for Audra's training. I now have all the tools required and an enormous amount of knowledge and guidance to steer me in the right direction.

Susan Wentzell - Home Styling by Sue

The training and support provided by HSR are the best available in the industry. Starting your own company is hard work but Audra's program walks you through everything you need to know to get started as a home stager. I received my first call from a potential client within hours of my ads going live.

Christina Phillips - Orchid & Ivy Interiors

Audra always talks about finding your people in relation to the clients you work for, the vendors you work with and even the trainers you watch and learn from. After looking at a couple of other staging programs, I watched Audra's introductory video and knew I had found my person. The training was presented in a way that was easy to understand and everything was provided, which I couldn't believe. There's no guess work or confusion and the material is exactly what I needed. I'm so glad I chose Home Staging Resources!

Michelle Murray - Southern Diva Designs

I have been in a corporate Director level of visual merchandising and design for over 25 years, therefore I contemplated that I even needed this certification.... But I am glad I did. The classes focus heavily on building a staging BUSINESS which I found extremely helpful! Audra also provides a TON of forms so I don't have to spend weeks doing this, I can get started right away! So glad I did this. LOVE IT! Thank you!

Addie Ashworth - Ashworth Staging + Design

I decided to invest in myself and purchase Audra's training to properly launch my home staging & interior design business. I have my Masters in Interior Architecture and have design experience, but felt clueless and overwhelmed how to really build a business and market it for success. After attending several free webinars from Audra, I was impressed with her straight forward approach. As a SAHM it's taken me several months to get through the training, but I took her advice and kept my momentum going! I can't wait to launch my business- thanks so much!

SarahRose Henkin - SarahRose Interiors Co.

I have enjoyed the training I have received from Audra at HSR! I have always had a love for design and redesigning spaces but her business ideas and experience with marketing has really made this an enjoyable and exciting experience for me! I enjoy the feedback and ideas shared on Stagers Connect and I look forward to being an HSR member for many years to come!

Michelle Christie - Pro Home Stylist

I am impressed beyond words at the value that I received with the Home Staging Resource Certification program. I am still overwhelmed with the information provided and know that I will use the members site and the manual for a very long time! I am a full time corporate associate during the day working as a Director in the Human Resources field. It took me 3 months to finish this 3 week program, so do not think that you can't do it. I just finished my first home staging consultation a few days ago and I am now partnered with a local agent that has already booked consultation #2! I am truly excited about this program and what it has provided me to kick start my business!

Lisa Susko - August Grace Interiors

I've enjoyed the training so much. It is so thorough and provides all the details that you need to get your business started. The support provided by Audra and her team is amazing and super responsive! I highly recommend.

Trish Arnold - Trish Arnold Interiors

I enjoyed everything about the Home Staging Resource course. Audra over delivered and exceeded all my expectations. For a home program the sessions were quite robust and covered an array of topics for establishing your Home Staging business. The handbook and videos were well organized, providing you with concise tips and tricks of the trade so you can easily navigate through the staging industry. No reason to recreate the wheel, HSR provides you with all the forms, resources and knowledge so you can spend the time building your business and branding yourself.

The training provided by HSR & Audra is top notch. The program is loaded with value providing materials and a step by step plan in design and how to start and operate your business. This training really is from A-Z

Jess Cassity - Coastal Homes

I really did my research when I was looking for a certification course. The training and materials I received from HSR is invaluable! Audra has shared so much hands-on information that I feel confident stepping out into the staging world knowing that I am 100% prepared. I would recommend HSR to anyone looking to break into the staging industry.

Jacqueline Edwards - Gold Medal Home Staging & Design

It took me a long time to make the decision that I wanted to seriously pursue home staging as a career (after my corporate job was eliminated due to COVID). I had never allowed myself to dream that I could have a job doing something I've loved doing all of my life as a hobby and get paid for it! COVID forced me to reassess what the next chapter looks like. I found the course to be incredibly thorough and on point. I just met with my local RESA chapter for the first time, and found the talking points to be 100% consistent with what Audra teaches, even though many of those in attendance had not gone through this course. So I was even more confident that the training I have received in this course was valuable and credible. I'm alternatively scared and excited about launching my business, but I know a LOT more than I did when I started the course, and know that these resources will continue to support me as I begin to help clients and hopefully expand my business. Thanks, Audra!

My degree is in nursing. When I was a little kid, I knew I wanted to help others. I had been saying for two years that I was not equipped or qualified to be staging homes for my husbands real estate business yet I was doing it and helping families. HSR gave me the confidence I needed to step into homes and feel like I belonged there with a purpose. It really simplified the process while giving me the tools I need for successful consultations and a plan to help others. I started this class the week our state was shut down in the middle of a pandemic. I have been busier than ever!! Audra's webinars gave me additional tools for virtual consultations and I haven't looked back. Thank you Audra!

Lindsay Noll - Noll Team Interiors

The training is so comprehensive and engaging. I wish she had been my teacher in all my college coursework. The best instructor I have ever had! Worth every penny! I feel very prepared and confident to launch a successful business. Thank you so very much for all the tips, videos, and links!

Janet M. Cadwallader - Cadwallader Interiors

A comprehensive guide not only to Home Staging, but how to run your business. This training provides ALL the tools and resources you would need to get started and do it right the first time.

Jamie Bell - Harbor Home Staging

I was new to Home Staging and knew nothing about the industry. After researching different training programs available on the market, I am so glad to have selected this program.

The Home Staging Resource program is the ONLY program to choose for anyone considering a career in Home Staging and Redesign. This course eliminated all the guesswork about Home Staging and provided me with the tools needed to kick start my business. I received so many tools, industry connections, trade discounts, ideas for service offerings, business plans, trends, "how-to" knowledge for staging, software tool ideas, website, social media automation platform, and good customer support. WOW!

Not only is the online training self-paced and easy to navigate, but Audra's energy kept me engaged. There is a lot of content to learn and appreciated the way the information was divided into smaller modules making it easy for me to digest.

And the buck doesn't stop there because I am now part of an industry support community where I can learn and grow my business. Thank you for creating a program that provides so much value!

Again, WOW!

Thank you so much!!!

Anna Chargin - Anna Chargin Interiors

The HSR training program has truly exceeded my expectations. I researched various programs for several months before deciding on HSR. Attending Audra's Happy Hours solidified my choice, as I really enjoyed her teaching style and the information she provided was like GOLD! All I could think was, "If the Free Happy Hours are this informative, I can only imagine the wealth of information that lies within the program!"

This course has challenged everything I thought I knew about design and staging, and pushed me way out of my comfort zone. I started the program feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure if I would ever retain everything I was learning. Sure enough, by the end of each day, I felt more confident in my skills and my ability to deliver quality service to my clients.

I am now fully-equipped to take my business to the next level. Many thanks to Audra and the entire HSR team!

Nakeisha Valorie Glover

Audra Slinkey and the HSR training has been outstanding! I searched many staging training companies before deciding on this one and I know without a doubt, I found the best! I have been a stager for 8 years, but never had the confidence to take my business to the next level until going through this training. EVERY element of training you need, and more, are found in Audra's training! She is thorough, organized, concise and genuine! She truly wants you to succeed and makes sure you have all the tools to do so. She is also very involved and makes you feel like a friend and not just another student! I would highly recommend her training to anyone thinking about joining the staging industry!

Tamra Toney Pfeifer

I am very happy with my training with the HSR program. I've learned much more than I expected to learn through the training program, Audra has provided a wealth of knowledge; countless forms to easily edit for my business, valuable videos and pictures. I especially like the additional income learning opportunities in week 3. I'm ready to get started!
Thank you Audra,
Lynda Kaspern

Lynda Kaspern -

I have always enjoyed design and styling but I never knew I could make it into a business until I found HSR! My first encounter was during a Happy Hour session during COVID-19 and from that moment on I was sold. I had looked around and found other Home Staging Training companies but Audra and HSR spoke to my love of detail and processes. The training was fabulous and I now have a step-by-step handbook for my business. Thank you HSR!

Erika Junck - Easy Made Homes