Free Training on "How to Offer a Vacation Rental Design Service to Your Business"

Learn how important it is to offer a vacation rental design service to clients, why it's in HUGE demand, how it benefits you and the steps you need to take to get started and market this lucrative service.

Vacation Rental Design Expert Airbnb Design Training

I have taken other HSR courses in the past (Staging & Redesign, Certified Color Expert, Certified Expert E-Designer), and I immediately signed up for the vacation rental training when it was offered. It packed in so much information, including eye-opening statistics on the increasing popularity of vacation rentals, how to research for proper pricing, information on what vacationers want in a rental, understanding the problems that property owners and managers are looking to solve, and how to promote my specialty training with ready-to-use emails and Canva marketing materials. Vacation rentals are everywhere in my state, and now I feel very prepared to tap into that market!

Debra Garvin


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what's Inside

Start Growing Your Design Business by Specializing in Vacation Rental Design

The comprehensive Vacation Rental Design Experts course is the perfect solution for stagers and interior designers looking to specialize in vacation rental design. Our expert-led training covers all aspects of designing for the vacation rental market, from space planning to furniture selection to vision boards and wholesale shopping.  

Our easy-to-follow modules provide you with everything you need to create unforgettable vacation rental spaces that keep guests coming back year after year. With our guidance, you'll also learn how to effectively structure, price and market your services, giving you the tools you need to succeed in this lucrative and growing industry.

Become a Vacation Rental Design Expert & Grow Your Design Business... FAST!

Client Raves

Just finished your Short-Term Rental Design Expert course, and I am beyond impressed! So much content and great marketing material. The Canva templates are awesome and I will definitely be using them.  I have done several training courses in the process of becoming a home stager and this course exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Worth every penny and so professionally presented. I will need to go through some of the modules again, as there was so much information. So happy to be part of the HSR community.

Deborah Matear

Audra’s Vacation Rental course is jam packed with good content! I recently took an AirBNB design course from a different reputable staging company, while it was good, after I completed it I felt like I still had so many questions about how to actually get this thing up and running for my business. Then I saw an ad for Audra’s course and knew I needed to take it. I wish I had seen hers first! Audra’s course had everything the other did and MORE! She provided so much valuable information on the STR market and how to help investors. The couple lessons on E-Design were amazing! She also provides so many awesome templates and website copy that I plan to use to jump start my design business. Really, I am so impressed, and so pleased with my investment in this course, I know it will be worth every penny spent! I can’t wait to watch my business take off!!

JoAnna Liston

I’m trying to wrap my head around all of your amazing ideas and bonuses! I have finished (but need to go over again 4-sure!) the VRBO class and am in the middle of your E -design training. 

“Taking both your Vacation Rental Design Expert & Expert E. Designer is giving me all the tools necessary to succeed in both areas of these branches of design.

 I have been a professional designer for over 25 years and had no knowledge of all these incredible resources that you have unlocked for me. I cannot wait to dive into these exciting new venues. You truly are amazing”!

Kathryn Adams

You will love this course...

Watch the video above to see all the huge benefits to your business by offering vacation rental design services to clients.  There is a huge need and these services are not hard to market when you know where to look... this is what I teach in the training along with packaging, pricing, logistics and shopping trade for maximum income!

Add a Lucrative Revenue Stream

Learn about the short term rental industry and become the designer of choice in your area after taking our course!

Easily Add the Service In a Week

With our "Never Reinvent" approach to training, you will receive all the materials to quickly launch this service

Become Part of a Strong Community

This course is interactive and filled with design and staging veterans going through the materials with you, so you're not alone and will have a strong community.

Free Airbnb Critical Inventory Checklist

Make sure nothing is forgotten when it comes to outfitting and furnishing your Airbnb!

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Become a Vacation Rental Design Expert & Grow Your Design Business... FAST!

What You Will Learn in this Information Packed Course:

Vacation Rental Design Expert Course Path

Is it time to take your design and staging business to the next level?

Jules Robberts-Henry Hosts

Having recently completed the Vacation Rental Design Course, I’ve found the information relating to this design niche, incredibly helpful. Some of the information was great for reaffirming and supporting what I thought I already knew but the marketing component, in particular, provided great insight. The ideas and suggestions about how to speak to and connect with your target market is incredibly valuable. The supporting materials, and in particular the customizable Canva templates, provide great information and save you an enormous amount of time!

Audra and her team have done a fantastic job...the course offered fantastic value for money for me!

Jules Robberts ‧ Designer - Henry Hosts