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Become a Vacation Rental Design Expert and Take Part in a Lucrative, Fast Growing Industry!

Grow your design and staging business exponentially by adding a Vacation Rental Design service today!

Vacation Rental Design Expert -HSR Airbnb design training

Looking to expand your design services and make more money?

Our vacation rental design course is the perfect opportunity for home stagers and designers to broaden their skillset and break into the vacation rental industry!

Booming Industry and Growth

The Airbnb industry has grown exponentially and by offering vacation rental design services, you can tap into this growing demand and attract new clients.

Specialized Expertise

Specializing in vacation rental design allows you to stand-out in a crowded design market providing you instant credibility, industry specific resources and industry support.

Perfect Repeat-Business Target Markets

The vacation rental design industry is filled with business clients who have the capacity to give you a lot of repeat business, as well as are not emotional about the design.

Client Rave

Thank you for this was AWESOME and so helpful.  I learned so much that I didn’t even know I didn’t know, like so many of the STR terms.  Loved all the apps and stats with all the additional links. Extremely helpful when doing the necessary research that will help me stand out in my area and up-level my business, especially with those luxury clients that I’m targeting.

- Theresa Ceglio

what's Inside

Start Growing Your Design Business by Specializing in Vacation Rental Design

The comprehensive Vacation Rental Design Experts course is the perfect solution for stagers and interior designers looking to specialize in vacation rental design. Our expert-led training covers all aspects of designing for the vacation rental market, from space planning to furniture selection to vision boards and wholesale shopping.  

Our easy-to-follow modules provide you with everything you need to create unforgettable vacation rental spaces that keep guests coming back year after year. With our guidance, you'll also learn how to effectively structure, price and market your services, giving you the tools you need to succeed in this lucrative and growing industry.

Client Rave

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your new Airbnb vacation rental design course!!! This was the first of your courses that I purchased, and I wish I had gone to you directly for the staging and color course. Lessons learned.

I have been designing kitchens and baths for 18 years, and relocated my business to Nashville nearly 3 years ago... I am looking forward to adding a niche business to my staging element to coincide with my interest and memberships in local real estate clubs. This could be a start to a whole new career, and I'm up for the challenge.  Thank you so much for putting this course together. I look forward to keeping you posted on my progress as I launch this rocket :)


Become a Vacation Rental Design Expert & Grow Your Design Business... FAST!

Jules Robberts-Henry Hosts

Having recently completed the Vacation Rental Design Course, I’ve found the information relating to this design niche, incredibly helpful. Some of the information was great for reaffirming and supporting what I thought I already knew but the marketing component, in particular, provided great insight. The ideas and suggestions about how to speak to and connect with your target market is incredibly valuable. The supporting materials, and in particular the customizable Canva templates, provide great information and save you an enormous amount of time!

Audra and her team have done a fantastic job...the course offered fantastic value for money for me!

Jules Robberts ‧ Designer - Henry Hosts