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What is Audra's Story and why did she start the Home Staging Resource?

You can read A LOT more about my background, awards and achievements on the About Us page, but here's a quick video on why I started the Home Staging Resource...

How are you different from other staging training companies out there?

There are a ton of reasons why HSR stands out as the best staging and redesign training company available and here are a few to consider as you shop around:

The HSR Certification training was the first  Accredited Staging and Redesign training recognized by the Real Estate Staging Association back in 2009 leading the way in staging training.

We provide an un-heard of 72-hour "no questions asked" refund guarantee, so you can get inside and make sure this is a fit for you.  Other guarantees usually have lots of strings attached or forms you need to complete, so always check the fine-print.

We also provide a private, Facebook community filled with veterans and peers to answer questions, encourage and inspire one another.  Only in a safe, private setting can this be accomplished.

Other programs stair-step their training charging you extra for more advanced training or a "Masters", additional forms, recorded training, help or service.  We want a long-term relationship with our Members and we know that setting you up for success by offering advanced training at one price is how we create that relationship.  We give you everything you'll need for this business at one low flat price.  We would be doing a disservice to you otherwise.

Click here to get a video sneak peek of what is in Day One of our 21-Day Training!

Other programs will give you business forms/guides or website pages littered with their own brand and selling their own training programs.  HSR gives you all the guides and forms in Word or Canva Template, so you can customize them to your OWN look and feel.  HSR creates gorgeous websites that promote you...not us or our training!  Again, we want YOU to look good.

Other programs have you attend a 3-day or 5-day classroom or listen to teleconference training and then you're done.  HSR creates long-lasting relationships and community with its members by providing ongoing training, tools and materials through our extensive Members Training Area.  We are also available for our members at all times via email and telephone.  We keep your business current and are actively interested in your success.

Don't take our word for it!  If you're serious about this, feel free to contact any of our Members in our directory for their feedback, as well as read our many testimonials.  HSR prides itself on having 100% happy and satisfied members.  No other training provider will tell you to do that!

Do I have to have a design and decorating background?

While some of our members do come from the interior design field, most do not which is the beauty of the home staging industry!  What you must have is a passion for design, interiors and a "natural eye for design". 

If you don't love design, homes and decorating then this is not for you.  If you're an HGTV junkie and the one your friends always go to for design tips then this is for you.  If you have subscriptions to every decorating magazine available and have been studying this as a hobby or formally then this is for you!  Join a great industry where you can take your decorating passion and skills and make money while helping people get more money out of selling their most valuable commodity.  It's a highly rewarding experience!

This is not something that you can easily "train" yourself on.  We give you step by step guides, video on over 30 homes staged, photo galleries and detailed training to refine your skills but your success lies in your staging talent and the ability to recognize design problems and create solutions.

Does the certification course really take 21 days? Do I have access after that period?

HSR has put together a three week training program online but it is self-paced so you can go as fast as you want or take your time to get through it...it's completely up to you!  Our goal is to help you get your business set up and off the ground within 21 days.  On average, it usually takes about 4 hours a day for around 21 days to quickly go through it.  Your HSR Membership lasts a year, so you have plenty of time to finish!

I am a veteran home stager. What can HSR do for me?

Simply put, we will take your business to the next level!  In fact, every veteran stager who has taken our course has said that it doubled their business because our marketing section is like no other!  We have advanced marketing training on branding, Facebook Advertising, blogging, social networking and give you a step-by-step marketing plan.

HSR is the MOST trafficked staging website on the Internet so if you have a home staging business, you really should be on our directory.

Here is a quote from Ellen in TX who has staged over 2000 homes and joined HSR:  "With every page I review I think "this is what I do or use or envisioned" AND "I wish HSR was around when I started my business"!  I worked for 3 months straight preparing the infrastructure of my business in the winter of 2001 so that I could launch with a professional face.  You've thought of everything, and more, than I did!"

Do you have any "hands-on training" options and how is it different?

Yes, but unlike other training companies we don't assume you actually need it and should pay for it...that's why we cost significantly less.

Our Stagers Connect Group is a free network resource filled with veterans from all over the country happy to help and offer advice.  Many times they will even allow you to job shadow them.

Having said all of that, most of our members don't need that after they go through our 21-day program because the program is a built-in confidence booster and all of our grads feel comfortable in the field after going through it.

About how many hours a day is the Certification Training?

It really depends on how fast you can absorb the materials and put into action the steps needed to build your business.  We have people finish in 3 weeks working about 4 hours a day while others choose to take 2 months...it's entirely up to you and that's the beauty of self-paced AND being able to refer back and hit the rewind button on some items.

What is the renewal fees after my year of membership is up?

Complete renewal details for all our products can be found at https://homestagingresource.com/renewals/

You have a year to complete the 21-days of training and if you want to renew your staging training access, the cost is $250 and includes:

**Continued login access into our Member's Area for a year where we always add new info, training, forms, tools and content

**Continued access into our private, Facebook community

**Most importantly you keep your Directory listing with us and this alone should bring in enough business to justify the cost

I have a business partner...do we both have to pay full payment to take the course?

Nope, we have a special deal for partners and employees at 50% off the full price!  So many of our members get busy right away and want to bring on business partners or employees that are certified and trained.  See our Partner Payment Options on the course sales page to view your options.

If I pay in payment installments, do you limit my access?

No!  Regardless of how you pay, the moment you pay for the course you get INSTANT access into our Members Training Area where you can get started right away.  You have the option of a priority mailed  large, 300-page Training Manual (which takes about 5 business days) or you can download the manual in the Members Area.