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2021 Holiday Shopping Guides You Will Love

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for the man in your house?  

Or maybe you need be a little more clear with your husband what you want this Christmas;).

I have three different, FREE holiday shopping guides I know you will love!

Yep, I'm not selling anything to you but only giving you some holiday goodness to help you shop ahead of time for the people you love (and maybe buy a few things for yourself along the way like I did;)

My team researched all the most popular gifts and holiday shopping guides for 2021 according to Oprah, Reese and all the tastemakers to curate holiday shopping guides for him, her and of course stocking stuffers for HER.  There are NO affiliate links in these guides and only lots of HOT, TRENDING gifts your peeps will LOVE.  

The Ultimate Men's 2021 Holiday Shopping Guides

I s t r u g g l e to find the perfect gifts for my three boys, so this holiday shopping guide for men created by the BEST shoppers I know who researched the hottest, trending gifts for men became super handy to me! 

These are top gift choices for this holiday season, so hopefully you've found some inspiration in this video and free download below it.

Click to play

Simply answer our 1-question survey (so we can serve you better) to get your 3 amazing shopping guides:

The Women's 2021 Holiday Shopping Guides to Give to Your Man to Use;)

We picked from what's most popular now and so much of it had to do with "spoiling yourself", which I completely loved!  These are the kinds of items we would not usually splurge on ourselves and that's what makes them so fabulous.  

Okay, ladies here's what I recommend you do...DO NOT rely on your man to GUESS at what you want and end up with another pair of Amazon slippers/clothes you won't wear!  Instead, print out the first page of this guide (the design board) and CIRCLE THE ITEMS you would like letting him decide which to get.  Make sure to email him the full presentation with shopping links so he can click and buy....voila!  

Now everyone is happy with their gifts using these holiday shopping guides...woot!🎉🎉

Hot Tip Ladies - The Vuori sweats (bottom right) I bought for myself and I have been LIVING IN THEM ever since;)!

Underneath the Women's Holiday Shopping Guides is a Stocking Stuffer Holiday Shopping Guide that gives you even more inspiration of what to purchase the gals in your life.

This year I made it so easy for my boys and husband and literally circled all the items I would love them to get, then sent them the shopping guide to click/buy.  I had a hard time deciding between all the great products which were mostly under $20...woot!

So download your FREE Holiday Shopping Guides below:

Just a little fun, free gift to say thank you!  Have a wonderfully, merry Christmas and here's to a fabulous 2022!



PS - I've got an amazing "Goal Setting and Planning for 2022" workshop on the books, so click here to save your seat.

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