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Airbnb Stagers Advantage

9 Reasons Why Stagers Have a HUGE Advantage When it Comes to Airbnb Design

If you have a home staging business, you are perfectly positioned to offer an Airbnb design service over the average interior designer.  Why?  Your staging business model has many advantages and similarities to short term rental design making it the perfect additional service for home stagers.

I recently spoke at a staging convention on this topic and in the video below, I show you 9 strategic business advantages home stager's have when it comes to offering a vacation rental design service.  

By the way, these are advantages you should be listing as to why investor's and hosts should choose you as their Airbnb Designer of choice;)

Airbnb Stager's Advantage

become a vacation rental designer>>

9 Reasons Every Stager Should Offer a Airbnb Design Service

  • You have the warehouse space and logistics to receive product
  • You have the trade connections and relationships in place
  • Ability to fill-in gaps and meet Airbnb launch deadlines with inventory you currently own
  • You have the ability to easily turn-over inventory you currently own at better pricing than how you're currently doing it
  • Easy add-on service to your current offering
  •  It's still all about "marketing a space" but this time you're doing it for target guest demographic vs the buyer's demographic
  • You already have the “agent relationships” and they are usually first point of investor contact
  • You can easily market yourself in the staging when the home is ideally suited for Airbnb (see the Canva Flyer example in the video above
  • You will be asked to offer this eventually, so don’t be that person…
Audra Slinkey Airbnb Stager

I just had a stager contact me scrambling to get inside my Vacation Rental Design Expert course because she had an Airbnb investor meeting that day!  If she had purchase my course, she would have had all her materials, pricing and presentation dialed in within 3 days rather than mad scrambling last minute.

Want to Know if Airbnb Design is For You?  

Watch our FREE Mini-Course on How to Become an Airbnb Designer to find out more about this design niche!

If you're having a hard time seeing the video above, here's the direct YouTube video:

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