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Interior Design Investment Guide

Are you struggling with knowing what to include in your interior design Investment Guide? 

Or maybe you're struggling with educating clients on your process, design packages and pricing?  

In this video, I outline 12 hot tips and essentials that every design investment guide should contain...

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What is a Design Investment Guide?

A design investment guide is very standard in the interior design industry, so I'm excited to introduce our own version of the Design Package Investment Guide inside my Expert E-Designer training.  The video above will give you a sneak peek into EXACTLY how I recommend you structure your guide and the importance of each element.

design investment guide layout

What is a Canva Template?

Canva is a free online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere...it's the bomb for small businesses! 

I'm one of the only home staging trainers that include a bunch of professionally designed staging Canva Templates in all my trainings.  The Staging Report in the video is just one of the many templates in my HSR Certified Staging and Redesign course.

To see how the Canva Template works, here's a freebie template of a social media post you can edit and use in your own social:

What should a Design Investment Guide include?

Your Design Investment Guide should be a combo of educating clients on the details of your services, educating them on the benefits of design and showcasing your expertise and authority in your portfolio, references and the overall look and feel.  You want your potential client to walk away with a clear understanding of your process, the benefits of choosing you over a competitor and most importantly "what's in it for them."

Of course because it is in Canva, it is GORGEOUS and completely customizable:

Make sure to watch the video above to see a Design Investment Guide in action and all my 12 hot tips for crafting the perfect guide!

Picture of text "Imagine 400 Fellow Design Lovers in One Chat Room...Free, Live Webinar Training...hope you can come! Save My Seat Now!

Tips for Creating a Design Investment Guide that Engages, Connects and Motivates Your Prospects

So many of my tips from the video above are all about guiding prospects to connecting with your business, your services and making that first step in scheduling a Discovery Call or introductory consultation.  

Download Our Training Checklist to See All the Goodies in the Training...

Make sure to watch the complete video above for all 12 Design Investment Guide Hot Tips!

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Are you struggling with knowing what to include in your interior design Investment Guide? Or maybe you're struggling with educating clients on your

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