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How to Design a Multifunctional guest room Space - Success Story BP

How to Design a Multifunctional Guest Room

Want to learn how to design a multifunctional guest room using E-Design?

Donna Allen of Dramatix Decor, created this E-Design transformation in her client’s guest bedroom and she LOVED it!  Covid made us rethink our spaces and critically look at each room for multifunctional design.

I love this expert e-design success story because it really speaks to what's trending right now, and that is that people want to get the most out of each room in their home. They want to maximize the functionality of their space. And we've been seeing this trend since the pandemic, where we're just trying to be very useful with what we do.

Multifunctional Guest Room Challenge

The challenge was that the client wanted the room to have 3 functionalities in a small space in order to maximize it's use:

  • Guest Room
  • Home Office
  • Workout Space

Challenge accepted. Here's how it turned out. Let me show you these great details by Donna Allen.

Step One - Create an E-Design Board for the Multifunctional Guest Room

As you can see from the video above, there is the e-design board that Donna submitted to the client. Now, here's what's really cool about design files and the way my design training works. The palette the client wanted was navy and white, so Donna had the pillows and artwork with those details and the trundle bed and desk picked out.

Picture of text "Imagine 400 Fellow Design Lovers in One Chat Room...Free, Live Webinar Training...hope you can come! Save My Seat Now!

Step Two - Visualize First Digitally

The client had plenty of choices in her color scheme and knew exactly what it was going to look like digitally in the room space. That’s the great thing about design files, you can give your client choices and they can give their feedback within the system, so they can create their perfect room and know what they’re spending.

Step Three - Stay on Budget

If you want to stay on budget, creating a design plan is the best and only way to do that very easily because you see exactly how much things cost. Donna shopped for her client and did the install, with the trundle bed, the desk, and the workout area. Her client could not be happier staying on budget seeing it ahead of time in a design plan. Donna Allen, you killed it! If this is something you think would be fun or you're interested in doing creating design plans for clients, check out my expert e-design certification training here https://homestagingresource.com/e-design-training/.

I never get tired of sharing these stories and design strategies on how to use e-design because I understand that this is still a fairly new concept.  

If you're reading this and thinking about adding e-design services to your business and creating your own story...then watch my free video about how to make money doing e-design...

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How to Design a Multifunctional Guest RoomWant to learn how to design a multifunctional guest room using E-Design?Donna Allen of Dramatix Decor,

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