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How to Make Money Doing Design - Audra Slinkey - Home Staging Resource BP

How to Make GREAT Money Doing Design

Are you struggling to make money in your design business?

A lot of people don't realize that there is great money to be made in the design industry when you have the right training, vendor resources and marketing system.  In the video below, I show you all the vendors you can connect with in trade furnishings to source for your clients and expand your income.  

The video below will also show you how we created a single, gorgeous room design using many high-quality vendors that became "shoppable" for our clients.  

In fact, the estimated income for the designer if the client purchased all the room furnishings was over $6800!

In my Expert E-Designer training I show you how to make money doing retail AND trade sourced design plans and packaging your services (rather than trading time for money)

3 Keys to Make Money Doing Design

  • Keep Your Design Business Simple - E-Design packaging allows you to do this by focusing on what you love to do (design planning) instead of the grind of ordering, shipping, install, etc..
  • Communicate Value and Expertise Visually - Having access to more resources, vendors and product than other designers while NOT marking-up product is a HUGE value to clients.  Showcasing your expertise using e-design plans allows clients to view, comment and see your talent and expertise ahead of time - My Expert E-Designer training shows you how to do this! 
  • Package Your Services Instead of Charging Hourly - E-Design packages allows your clients to focus on the end-product instead of an hourly bill.  In the video above, I show you how the designer can make $6800+ on a single room plan that takes about 5 hours to create.  Plus there is NO mark-up to the client.

My Expert E-Designer training is not just about doing e-design plans but about kick-staring a design business simply and easily without all the liability, overhead and expense of a typical design firm.

STOP trading ⏰ time for dollars💰 and make thousands on a single room design plan by going through my Expert E-Designer training course.🎉

Download Our Training Checklist to See All the Goodies in the Training...

Expert E-Designer 2022 Most Innovative Product or Service Of The Year- Audra Slinkey

Winner of the RESA 2022 Most Innovative Product of the Year Award

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