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These days I've got more Member Success Stories than I can count which is AWESOME!  Home staging is hotter than ever and it's the best industry to get into if you love design.

What makes this post a bit more unusual is that I'm sharing two husband and wife staging teams that have had enormous success (along with a lot of fun) along the way.  

Here's their stories and staging work...

Jody and Her Husband's Story...

Dave and Jody Conley (pictured above) took the HSR home staging certification training and launched their business, Conley Homes and Design staging Snohomish, WA county in March, 2017.

After only a year in business, this is what Jody had to say about her business...

Audra, we just hit our one year mark in business and I thought I would share with you our success...

Year one we staged 40 homes, representing $20M in real estate sales! 90% of our clients homes sold on average in 5 days, and one in as little as 6 hours. Many of our clients homes sold significantly over asking price, with the highest sold $90,000 over asking price.

I am so thankful I found your program, and continue to use it as a resource daily. I appreciate all the great information you share, and know it has made a difference in our success! Thank you!

Hiram and Lisa's Story...

Hiram and Lisa started their staging business, Dream Decor in Hawaii as a "side business" originally.  I had the pleasure of getting to meet both of these beautiful people at the last RESA Convention and needless to say...their side business is EXPLODING:)!

Chatting with them at RESA, I was so fascinated by the fact that they have to tackle so many different styles of homes from high rise condos, to beach front bungalows to country estates in Hawaii.  Looking at their story and work below you can tell that they were ready for the challenge...

Here's what Hiram had to say about their journey...

See, my wife and I have always had a great passion for decorating and a few years back when we had our house for sale, everyone kept asking “Who did your staging?” To everyone’s surprise, we just told them, “no one, this is just how we always keep it”. Pretty much every realtor that walked through the home suggested we should look going into staging, so we did. My background is in engineering and business, but I always had a passion for art and the staging business just comes natural to me. 


The first 6 months were slow but Audra, with your HSR training and great marketing pointers... all of the sudden we began to get more and more business. Now, the past eight months have been crazy! The phone does not stop ringing and I am happy to say that I have now moved on to do this full time.

Although there are always challenges to running your own business, I couldn’t be happier and excited to be doing this. I just wanted to thank you for your great program and how it has impacted my life.

Teaming up with my wife is great as we complement each other as we go in this business together.


Audra, once again thank you very much for what you do.

Thank you Jody and Hiram for sharing your husband and wife staging team stories and talent to encourage others!   This is an amazing industry because of people like you.

If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and creating your own story...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below...

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