HSR Stager Featured in HGTV Magazine

In this success story, not even a year after taking her HSR stager certification training, Ashley is featured in HGTV magazine...woot!  Watch my video below for the full scoop or read the transcription...

I tell people all the time that their dream of becoming a designer and HGTV stager can easily become a reality if they're just willing to put in the work and BELIEVE IT.   I'm so excited to share this quick mini success story because it's about my girl, Ashley Elliot of , Ashley Elliot Design in Upstate New York who is featured in last month's HGTV magazine! She started my staging training about a year ago, right when Covid hit and is now being featured in HGTV magazine for one of her designs. How cool is that?

During one of my live workshops, she joined and took my training about this time last year.   I always interview people when they join into my training. And she said, you know, how did you hear about us? She said, you know, web search. And when we said, okay, what's your background? She said she's been a design lover since she can remember.

She's always loved good furniture, watched HGTV and found styling and restyling her bedroom as a kid, (which is one thing I say we all have in common). And she said, "I just recently started sharing my home in DIY projects on Instagram and received messages asking if I offer consultation services. I haven't said no to an opportunity. And about a week of sharing photos on Instagram, I received an inquiry for home staging and design work from a realtor that I'm friends with and I quickly realized what I wanted to do this and dove in headfirst by starting my own business."

"I have completed two virtual consultations", (remember, this was when we were in lockdown when she did this) and she was hungry to dove into the training. When I asked her why she chose us, she said she attended the pricing and staging workshop and she liked the way I teach.

Flash forward a year now today is she had this dream. And this is the one thing cultivate a lot in my training is to DREAM BIG. 

And her dream was to own her own successful business as a home stager, designer and color expert and to continue to add to her services and learn while sharing her passion and love for home design.  She wanted to create beautiful spaces for families and individuals to love the home they're in. And I know that speaks to a lot of you, right? That is the very reason I got into this industry as well. And so what I love about this is she has this dream.

She was just sharing stuff on Instagram. I said, you guys have been doing this and she was already getting traction. By the way, I also talk about this a lot in my social media training, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, be sharing your projects and using hashtags!  She was found on Instagram by HGTV and now has some serious bragging rights.

want to find out more about staging?

How cool is that? So I just want to encourage you.  I like to share these success stories because dreams do come true so many times. People who have this passion and love for design, they don't realize it's something they can do and make good money at. And I want to tell you that that is my job... To help you start a business where you do what you love and make good money of it.

And that is my passion. And I want to encourage you whether you go with me as a trainer or another trainer; this is a great time to be in the industry. I'm going to share some more stuff in a different blog post. But there's never been a better time because staging is hot. Design is hot. People need you.

Hope that encouraged you for today, and I'll see you in my next video or hopefully workshop...
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HSR Stager Featured in HGTV Magazine

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