Do you wish you could make deep designer commissions off of everything you sell to clients super easily?

Are you struggling with opening up "to the trade" accounts with too many different vendors to shop wholesale?

Well, I have a solution for you!

One of the HUGE benefits to becoming a home stager is that you get to shop deep discounts and get "to the trade" pricing at furnishing wholesalers when you jump into this industry!  Yes, you will be like a kid in a candy store if you go to Highpoint or the Las Vegas Market to shop.

One of the challenges designers and stagers face is navigating the myriad of wholesale choices available to us.  We have to create separate relationships with each wholesale vendor, meet their unique requirements and minimums.  Another challenge is that even when we shop their items, we have to deal with buying, billing, shipping, delivery and installation.  It's also a bit tricky shopping each of these vendors websites separately for that perfect piece for clients.

This is why I'm so excited to introduce a new vendor that I think may just revolutionize the way interior designers and home stagers shop!

The Problem

Opening up separate "to the trade" accounts with each wholesale vendor that you want to work with can be extremely difficult!  It takes a lot of precious time, they have minimum requirements you have to meet and you have to search each vendor separately to find wholesale items you want to purchase.  Not only that, you have to buy, bill, deal with shipping and install as the designer.

The Solution

Now there is a one-stop-shop for designers and stagers to source wholesale products from all of their favorite vendors without having to open separate accounts!  

In fact, I've added video training on how to make the most of this new technology in both my Expert E-Design and Staging Certification courses.  My Expert E-Designers can curate boards and make HUGE commissions off of what their clients purchase...woot!

Watch my video below to see how to shop to the trade easily...

If you're thinking of becoming a home stager and designer, now is a great time to start!  I'm actually having a another live event training, so click on the image below to join me!

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