Los Angeles Home Staging Success Story

Imagine having your home professionally staged and the agent telling you that plan to list it for $650,000 MORE because the results were so fantastic!  In this home staging success story brought to you by HSR Grad Michelle Minch of Moving Mountains Design, you will see the staging strategies that make buyers fall in love.  In this case, they went from their original price that they were going to list to $650,000 more because the agent saw the staging and just said, we're going to go for it! 

Watch the Home Staging Success Story Video (or read it below)

Not only did they get multiple offers, they made almost 35 percent over the original price of an already high priced home. Not your average home staging success story when the return is as incredible as this. 

Now, right away, when you walk in, you're getting a glimpse of Michelle's approach here because she just decided to go with dramatic, gorgeous artwork, large scale throughout the home, contemporary.  Michelle read the bones of the home and kept with the neutral palette which is not like her typical stagings where I’ve seen her infuse more color.

Not sure where she got the art but possibly from Paragon, Propac or Artists Guild which are some of my favorite to the trade sources.  It’s so unique that she could have even connected with a local gallery. I've seen some home stagers connect with their local art galleries on a trade for these luxury homes. You can see that it makes a huge difference in the space!   Because she kept the accessories and the furnishings fairly neutral and simply let the views and the art do the talking.

You can see this would be a very questionable room if left vacant. So thank goodness the agent knew to hire a stager. But Michelle didn't just only stage it, she fully furnished it. Any other stager or a lower price stager would have just done a dining table and chairs and would not have done the seating area to the right, which I think really makes it with the art.

Michelle really filled the space well and left nothing up to question for the home buyer. Michelle positioned the furniture to really showcase the views and fireplace.  She also went large scale, chunky on the furnishings…again, that is important to fill the space.  So careful what price stager you go with if you're an agent, because they need to have the large scale luxury furniture to fit a large space like this.

From this angle, you could see really how large this room is. But how wonderful is that art on the left by the piano. I mean, go ahead and comment on that, because I was like, where did she get that? It's spectacular. So smart. A grand piano is not an easy staging furnishing to work with!

Again, large scale furnishings throughout the main bedroom since this is a large space.  Otherwise the furniture would look dwarfish and you just can't have that. So she made sure to fill every bit of these spaces and didn't leave anything up to chance, even the bathrooms she created kind of that luxury space.

The office photo is probably my favorite because I love the symmetry which is always pleasing to the eyes. Look at the large scale lamps on the desk which adds a bit of drama to the space.

And you can see it's no surprise that she posted this post and that she has a very happy clients all the way around. Great job Michelle and thanks so much for sharing.

To see all the gorgeously staged rooms in this home make sure to watch the video above...happy staging!

I hope you enjoyed this home staging success story!  

If you're interested in learning more about home staging, feel free to grab my "Road Map to Becoming a Stager" PDF by clicking on the image below... 
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