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The incredible design and staging before and after photos that won the March Best of the Best Awards have equally incredible stories attached to them!

These design and staging companies are literally working miracles in people's homes every day.  I do these monthly posts and awards to honor all home stagers who work tirelessly for their clients most of the time with very little to no recognition...

Jumping in With Two Feet and All Inventory:)

Starting with this vacant stage by Janie Ackerman who is still in the middle of the HSR Certification training and does not have her website up yet...love it:

My company name is Ecliptic Home Staging & Design and we service the Bloomington, IN area. I have a degree in interior design and decided last year to get my real estate license. I wanted to offer design services along with real estate brokerage. I then realized that staging was a “thing” and decided I needed the certification to enhance my offerings. Because I was already involved with a real estate agency, the opportunity came along suddenly to stage a vacant house! I had to really punt to put it all together, but we did it – using our ENTIRE inventory for this property!

Kitchen Designed Right

I'm also seeing a TON of my members pivot their business to design since it's sooo incredibly hot right now and very easy to add design to your staging business.

Check out this fabulous kitchen redesign by Michelle Collins of Elleco Interiors. Her company serves the Greater Orlando area of Florida, including Kissimmee, Celebration and surrounding areas and also the East coast areas of Melbourne and Cocoa Beach!

I love the butcher block counter and sconces!

Before Design

After Design

Pantone Sexy

Our next Best of the Best winner is Liz Medina of CAME Designs who said, "sometimes when I am staging I forget I am not designing for a person and I forget when to stop." Can you relate?  Read the rest of the story behind this bedroom here:

I wanted to create a 'sexy' bedroom and incorporate the 2021 Pantone colors as well. I have loved for a long time the combination of a beautiful grey neutral with other colors, in this case gold. I love using grey because depending on its undertones you can go with many different colors on the wheel, you can't do that with beige or other neutrals. Not to mention how great grey works with white walls! The addition of the mustard pillow, art, and the teak wood stool soften the color palate by bringing in warmer tones and natural elements.
I incorporated elements that wouldn't make the bedroom seem heavy since the view across from the bed was a full wall of windows. I wanted the natural light to play beautifully in this room. Which is why I added mirror end tables and a sitting area by the windows to enjoy reading, etc. The golden hour effects on this room are spectacular. The bed was sexy with the addition of faux fur pillows, pillows with silver beading and luxurious linens. Who wouldn't want to spend hours here?

Summer and Sophistication

The next two photos by Kristi Miranda a stager and designer in San Francisco make me want to move into a new home!  The first family room photo reminds me of summer while the loft exudes a sophistication keeping in step with the city.

This listing was taken on by one of our new agents and they asked us to modernize the look for the area with color consultation for accent walls and decor.

Tuscan to Timeless Kitchen Remodel

My girl Angie Creech did a fantastic job with this kitchen redesign! Angie Creech Design of Sugarland, TX completely transformed this Tuscan style kitchen into an updated, modern beautiful white kitchen. I especially love the herringbone tile on the backsplash, it really catches the eye.

Before Design

After Design

Plain Jane to Glamour Queen

Lindsey Wing of Elevated Ave. | Interior Styling & Staging did a fantastic job of redesigning this bathroom, I love the wallpaper! The story that goes along with it makes it even better.

Before Photo

After Design

What a fun project! For this design, the client had Lowe’s gift cards that she wanted to put towards the purchase of the items we used here for the beautiful vanity with top, light fixture and faucet. Her fun, feminine style inspired the wallpaper & the use of color. The tile floor was in great condition but did look outdated, so I did a stenciled tile to bring it new life— I love using up-cycling in my designs to extend the life of products & decrease the impact of waste on the environment.

Staging Makes All the Difference

Our next Best of the Best Staging winner is Christen Gorman of CG Statement Designs  who did an incredible job with this vacant stage in Chandler, AZ.

This luxury home was originally put on the market using the owner's own belongings prior to staging. They had 2 different offers fall through over 5 months of trying to sell and had moved out of the home during that time. The house was showing empty and though it had beautiful finishes, it just didn't have that homey feel. 
Staging this open floor plan really brought new life and beauty to the space and the owners were blown away at the transformation staging made on the home. They received an immediate offer the first weekend on the market. The 3rd try worked like a charm (with staging of course!)

Cookie Cutter Kitchen to Vintage Beauty

I have to say that these next before and after’s may be my favorites of this month! Sandra Correia of The Space Plan was so excited (and rightly so) to win the Best of the Best design and staging before and after award for March and I adore her reaction and the story that goes with the amazing photos!

Before Design

After Design

OMG!!! Thank you so much!! I’m so thrilled that I almost feel like I’m having a Sally Field moment.😂

This home was a cookie cutter Las Vegas house built in 2002. I kept the same footprint of the kitchen but added architectural elements from Pasadena Architectural Salvage like the curved double doors, the leaded glass window and the vintage pantry door. I loaded everything in a truck and drove it back to Vegas from Los Angeles.

She incorporated more of that vintage style in the bathroom too:

Before Design

Staged and Flipped Over Asking

Tracy Davis-Sharp of Sharp Staging did a wonderful job staging and flipping this gorgeous family room in a condo bought at auction. I love all the various textures she used.  Many of my HSR certified members are also house flippers using their knowledge on their own and others properties.

Here is what she had to say about this stage:

This condo was purchased at auction and had been abused and abandoned; left empty for several years. My husband and I purchased it and made the updates, then staged it just before professional photos and listing on the market. We had our first offer over asking within 15 hours, and accepted an offer in 3 days. This condo sold for more than any other unit of its size and turned out to be one of our most profitable projects to date.

Occupied Staging Winner Best of the Best

These days occupied staging is never near as dramatic as vacant staging BUT our staging before and after awards honor this work because it takes so much more creativity, hand holding and is a core part of who we are as home stagers!

Stephanie Ford-Weems of Beacon Group Real Estate did a great job of brightening up this dark sitting room, the results are beaming!

Best of the Best Vignette Winner

Our March Best of the Best vignette goes to Shelli Post Martin of vintagevineanddesign. I really love the greenery and the various textures of the pillows that she used on this otherwise plain jane fireplace, nice work!

Open Floor Plan Vacant Winner

Valerie Cabrera of Pink Dot Staging + Redesign says this picture was taken in a Somerville condo staged at the end of January after staging the sister unit in December. This open plan living area was really fun to stage and by using the right scale furniture I was able to make the most of the city-living sized spaces. I think the rust colored kitchen table chairs are a fun addition to the room!

Dated to Divine Bathroom Remodel

Barbara Becker of Dazzling Parties did an awesome job redesigning this bathroom, which is why it won the Best of the Best award for March. The final result is so much more current!

As you can see, each room has it's own unique style reflected by the amazing artists who have become home stagers!

If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and creating your own story...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below...

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