2021 Home Staging Statistics from NAR

Every couple years the National Association of Realtors puts out a "Profile of Home Staging Report" where they survey thousands of agents on the benefits of home staging.  I'm so excited to report that despite the unprecedented housing market we are in currently, the 2021 Home Staging Statistics are still stronger than ever!

Below is a quick summary of the 2021 Home Staging Statistics and FREE statistical social Media Post imagery that you can use!

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The Home Staging Effect On Buyers

The 2021 home staging statistic report surveys both buyer's agents and seller's agents to get their unique perspectives on the value of home staging.  Buyer's agents were asked how much of an effect home staging had on the buyer's view of the home and only 7% believed that staging had no effect, meaning...

In all honesty, it boggles my mind when people think that improving the design look and feel of a product would NOT effect someone's view of it!  I always say that home staging is pure economics...improve upon a product and it's value increases.  We do this everyday when we sell anything, so the concept should not be foreign to us. 

Buyers are Remodeling Now More Than Ever

The 2021 home staging statistics report had quite a bit to say about the increased remodeling projects buyers are planning.  I've long been preaching that every stager should also be well trained in design since a great staging job always leads to the seller wanting the stager to help with the home they are moving into.  In fact, many of my home staging members are doing more design than staging in this current remodeling crazed market.  That's why I always recommend choosing a staging certification that teaches you both home staging and design.

According to the NAR report, 59% of those surveyed have seen an increase in the share of buyers who planned to remodel a home and an amazing 25% plan to do it in the first 3 months!  Check it out....

Staging Makes It Easier to Visualize the Property as a Future Home

Every great home stager knows that it's critical to assess what kind of buyer demographic will desire to live in that home, as well as what kind of vision they will want to see when they walk through that door.  It's all about creating that lifestyle vision that the specific buyer for that home desires!  The good news is that according to these 2021 home staging statistics, home stagers are overwhelming creating that vision for buyers...

Staging Makes the Seller More Money

Okay, let's be honest...home staging is all about getting the best price for your most valuable commodity otherwise why do it?  Even though this market is SUPER HOT, home staging is still bringing in the big bucks for sellers compared to the seller who does not stager their home.  Check it out...

25% of those surveyed had no idea if staging increased the value and 1% said it had a negative impact.  Seriously?!!  Who are these idiots and how can presenting a clean, well-designed home vs otherwise hurt the value!!?  Makes me realize that some of these people surveyed have a serious grudge against staging so the numbers are skewed.

Importance of Home Staging By Room

The Living/Family Rooms, Master Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen and Outdoor Living spaces (especially since Covid) hold primary importance when it comes to priority home staging.

Buyers Have an Expectation - 2021 Home Staging Statistics and TV Influence

These days, the influence of television shows displaying the buying and home staging process is increasing more than ever!  In fact, 71% of respondents said that TV shows impacted their business by setting unrealistic expectations or increased expectations.  A hefty 61% said that TV shows set higher expectations of how homes should look!  Buyers have always had an expectation when it comes to choosing a home for themselves but design expectations are increasing as people become more aware of what they want in a space.

Free Statistic Image Downloads!

As you can see from these 2021 home staging statistics, the home staging industry is booming!  If you love design and dream about becoming a home stager...I have good news for you.  I've helped thousands follow their dream into staging and design.  I can help you too, so take my free mini-course about the industry to see if it's a fit for you:).

Could  Home Staging" be a Career for You?

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