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social media posts for stagers in April and May

Social Media Tips for Stagers and Designers on What to Post for Spring + Free Curated Stock Photos

It's always hard to always consider the best things to post on your social media at different times a year and that's why our "Social Media Done-for-You" product is so helpful!  Here's a video of my social media tips for stagers on what to post in April and May, as well as a "sneak peek" into the posts our design team have created for our social media clients...

Social Media Tips for Stagers Video and Free Stock Photos Below

This is a very hot staging, selling season but it's also a super hot design time for home owners.  Spring is in the air and did you know it's "National Decorating Month"?  You want to make sure those items are in your social feeds to remind clients that is what you do and that you are there for them.

Watch the video above to get TONS of ideas of what to post in Spring, as well as key social media tips for stagers on hashtags, emoji's and text.  Imagery is also a HUGE factor for us as designers, so use beautiful imagery in your posts at ALL times.  Ideally you're using your own photos but it's also good to mix in varying posts that are not all about your work but also a glimpse into your life and tips on design, etc..

FREE Curated Spring Stock Photos for You:)

Hopefully you enjoyed this little sneak peek inside one of our products and if you want more information on how to get a social media manager who knows the industry to post for you every month...click here!

Who Has Time for All the Social Media Work?

Get your own social media manager who will post 3-times a week in your three favorite social media platforms (ideally Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn)

Simply Hit the Approve Button

We will never post without your approval and at the beginning of every month, your 12 posts will be available for review and approval.

Edit All You Want

With a Canva-like editor built into the social media platform it's SUPER easy to swap out imagery, change text and add links.

Home & Design Post Ideas

The content creation portal is specific to the home and design industry and is FILLED with additional post ideas.

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