Is Home Staging Worth It?

Every day stagers are asked this question along with a host of other questions about the benefits of home staging.  There are plenty of ways to answer this question and each stager has a unique approach.  Some may point to the many home staging statistics available that show a seller's return on investment while others may show them a portfolio of before-and-after photos that speak 1000 words in themselves.

How to Talk to Sellers and Agents About the Benefits of Home Staging

In this video below, I asked my private home stager group (Stagers Connect) what their go-to phrases are when talking to agents and sellers about the benefits of staging and you might be very surprised at their comments.  To sweeten the pot, I made it a contest and offered the winner, a FREE RESA Convention VIP pass.  Needless to say, the competition was very tough and the scripts/responses were so valuable, I added this video to my HSR Library in the training under "Phraseology".

In fact, all of these 75+ different go-to phrases work wonderfully in different situations! Here are some of the objections you will be able to tackle after watching this how-to phrasing video:

  • How to respond when an agent says they don't need staging because their homes are selling so fast
  • What to say when asks "Is Home Staging Worth It"?
  • How to use stories and analogies to get your point accross

If you're struggling with finding the right verbiage to use, then you will love this video!  

I awarded 3 winners and they were these quotes but in all honesty...I loved them all.

Now it's your turn...what is your go-to favorite staging saying?

Leave a comment below:-)

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